Palbocyclib capsule size, & Abemacyclib

Can anyone tell me the measurements of both Abemaciclib tablets and  Palbocyclib capsule? I have a narrowed oesophagus and can’t swallow average size capsules, only tiny ones, but need to take something urgently for bc mets to bones and lungs spreading quickly.  Thanks in advance if anyone can help with med sizes.

Hi Tibba,

I took Palbociclib, unfortunately I can’t tell you the exact size as I have none left to take right now, however I did find them on the slightly larger size as far as capsules go.  Maybe search the internet for the Palbociclib information leaflet that comes with the meds and see if it gives the size on there?

I had radiotherapy to my neck area back in March and I have found that the muscles in my oesophagus seem tighter and I don’t always swallow as well as I did before.  This made it harder for me to swallow the Palbo.  So if you have trouble with things like that it would definitely be a good idea to tell your Oncologist right away to see if there are any alternatives.