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So, here I am! But I just want to say to those of you of all ages and stages that having known for 9 months that there was no way through this with the choices I have made.
Right now it is a case of waiting and living to the end. After 10 years of really good life after my initial mastectomy, I presented as having metastases in my Bone Marrow. in June 2023. Not bone as such. I decided not to go down the hormone route because of how sensitive I am to all of that mental health wise.
I have been in touch with many people from down the years and realise how important they have all been to me.
I have everything sorted out and Power of Attorney etc.
I know people don’t have family or friends to share it will but there a a lot of women here. I couldn’t find anything on the forum so decided to start a new one that I hope people will be able to get support on. I am praying to see Easter and a little bit of Summer but who knows.
God bless and love and hugs and hope… :pray: :hibiscus:


You know yourself better than any one and I’m sure you’ve made the best decision for you. It is never easy. I hope and pray that you will see both Easter and summer and that your time will be peaceful. Whatever stage we are at there is always hooe, that is so important, i send you hooe for tomorrow and many more tomorrow’s. God bless xx


Dear @norfolkfred,

I am so sorry to read cancer came back and this hard. At the same time, I admire how you are taking it and you are preparing yourself. I pray as well that you are able to enjoy Easter celebration and summertime.

I know I can’t do anything but know I am here if you need a listening ear… I am sure many of us will.


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I am so sorry to hear it has come back. Do you mind me asking if you didn’t initially take hormone therapy with your primary diagnosis or if you just mean that you aren’t now with the secondary?

I wish you the best and hope they can give you something else to control it as long as possible x

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So sorry to hear that your cancer returned and that it is now terminal.
I like you declined hormone therapy( after a second primary diagnosis in Aug 23) due to my inability to cope with my severe menopause symptoms.
We cannot predict the future and can only make decisions based on the information recieved and our feelings at the time.
I very much hope you get another summer and more, and that you stay well and strong physically and mentally for as long as possible.
We are here to support you whenever you need us.
Sending you hugs and love.

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Thank you all for your messages. It is comforting to know we are all being able to take our own paths through this. I will just try and find the question about Tamoxifen and answer. I am Norfolkfred because that is where I was born and brought up and that is where my ashes will go home to.
Love to all the brave women :two_hearts: x


Hi Helen. I decided from the beginning that I wouldn’t take the hormone line. I had a mastectomy and no radio or chemo. I nearly had a double mastectomy but it is as it is now and my other side is not involved. 10 years is a long time and I don’t know what I would have done at 30 or 40 or even 50. Things have changed lots and I know I wouldn’t have had a reconstruction. We all have so many different ways to think about having breast cancer. But as others say, be kind to yourself and find the true you again because it will come back. Love and hugs. xxxx

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