Palmar Plantar agony

I am on cycle 6 / 14 Kadcyla. Already had a dose reduction which helped with hands which were impossible to use some days. My feet are just agony getting worse. Cracked peeling and throbbing constantly. Sensiive to touch on top. Up at 3am third night in a row in pain.

Anyone else suffered? Used all tips on BCN pages but nothing working. Any other ideas??

Thank you


I started with palmer planter after my first dose of Docetaxol ( i was fine for the previous EC rounds ). It was so painful and the skin came off the bottom of my feet in thick layers and the pain was like walking on glass . It got really bad so i rang the emergency number i was given and was told to go to hospital . They told me id also got neuropathy and i was put on gabapentin which got rid of the pain and my chemo dose was reduced for the following rounds

Thanks Tricia. Did the dose reduction work? How long did it last? I’ve had 4 EC, 12 Paxitaxel, Phesgo and now Kadcyla. I have neauropathy too, since paxiltaxel. Any hints? Seems to be worse when I raise my feet?!
Thank you

I was started on medication befor the next chemo dose and symptoms were a lot better by then. The dose reduction worked as i didnt have it again. I found sleeping with a soft pillow under my feet helped me . Good luck with the rest of your treatment but please ring your emergency number for help with the pain xx

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