Palpable lump but nothing on Mammo or US

I will start with that I am a US citizen and 31, whuch means we pay for our insurance. I put off having a lump looked at for five months due to the out of pocket costs without insurance.


I finally broke down and paid 600 for a doctor visit, mammogram, and ultrasound. 


The doctor and mammo tech both felt the lump. The mammogram showed nothing so I had a US on my entire breast. The US tech struggled to find the lump.


Despite the fact it it hurt when it showed up and has been there for months, the radiologist couldn’t see anything. 


A MRI would be 700 and a biopsy would be 2000. 


They believe it is just fat, but I am anxious. Still, nearly  3000 to confirm a negative would hurt my family.

I would get the MRI, it will take some of the guess work out. You may not need the surgery or it may confirm that its the best route. 


Good luck.