Palpitations anyone??

Hi all

Am now off on another trail of worry . . . . . . does it ever end??

For the past few weeks i have been getting palpitations . I read that they can accompany the menopause which chemo pushed me into at the tender age of 42. It said that they come with hot flushes - but I get them even when not having hot flushes.

Whinged on to husband who glazed over and said “It will be stress and the more you think about it the worse they will get” - and then went back to reading the paper!!!

I am off down the road of a new tumour pressing on my heart and all kinds of hideous scenarios - does anyone else get these palpitations ??

Love to all

ALise x

I have just read this post to my husband in amazement because for the last week or so i have had him sat there with his hand on my chest to see if he can feel the palpitations!! I am on zoladex and tamoxifen so am too in the menapause at the age of 39.Am due to visit the doctor for my injection on thursday so will be mentioning it then.I hadnt quite had the thought of new tumours etc but i must agree these things are a worry.gill x

Hi Gill

Can you let me know what your doctor says - I dont want to go to mine as she visibly sighs every time I walk in as she has seen so much of me!!

Thanks a lot

Alise x

Of course i will Alise.Are you on any medication like me?Gill x

Yes am on the dreaded tamoxifen - for 2.5 years now.

ALise x

I had palpitations on Femara. When I looked it was one of the side effecrts.

Take care
Marilyn x

I’ve had palpatations for years, before BC and after, and they are distressing but harmless…tell your GP though. They are known to get worse through the menopause and with stress and we certainly get enough of that in our lives! Worrying about them definitely makes mine worse so try not to do that.

Sheana x

I’ve also had palpitations for years. I think they may be worse since BC but just maybe a case of worrying about every twinge.

I’ve been told they’re harmless.

Denio x

Hi Alise.Went to doctor today and mentioned the palpitations.They did an E C G there and then and it did show that i am having them.In a way i thought thank goodness i wasnt imagining it !! The doctor said it was probably stress related but if when i was relaxing and i was feeling breathless while it happened then he would rather send me for some checks but he said that he wasnt at all concerned.Hope your palpitations have improved since we laste talked.Take care.Gill x