Panic -anyone else had ultra sound abdomen

Panic -anyone else had ultra sound abdomen

Panic -anyone else had ultra sound abdomen Due to swelling in my good arm was recently checked out by breast surgeon had ultra sound under arm ,bone scan and CT scan of chest and abdomen also bloods for liver function and cancer hubby took call last thurs from breast nurse saying scans were clear but l might be called for abdo ultra sound-gave no explaination why. Initially was calm-no thing heard so relaxed till back today to answerphone message asking me to ring xray person urgently-have got a Cancellation appt for weds.Tried contact breast nurse but noone in-now am reading allsorts into why if scans clear would l need another investigation when CT already done and is surley more sophisticated.worried somthing shown on bloods and they think its on my liver.SORRY to have gone on-just feeling scared and its a long time till monday when l can ring breast nurse again.

Dear taffy Please feel free to contact our helpline tomorrow for a chat about the scan you are to undergo on Wednesday. It is open 9am-2pm on a Saturday and this may help to answer some of your questions and concerns until you are able to speak to your Breast Care Nurse on Monday which may help to relieve the panic you are feeling. The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 and is also open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

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Hi Taffy I had a recurrence under my axillary node clearance scar and had to have an abdominal ultrasound as part of the tests before I even saw the surgeon. I haven’t had a CT scan but I gather different scans show different detail and they may just want to confirm the findings of the CT scan. Try not to worry about the urgent message about the ultrasound. In my hospital there is always a long wait for ultrasound appointments and I don’t expect yours is much different. If they get a cancellation they will always want to use it and it may save you a long wait.

Good luck and do keep us posted.
Kathy xxx

The plot is to kill you with the stress! -Seriously though, the thoroughness can frighten the pants off you -but i suspect we’d moan too, if they left things to chance. I think what can be frightening is a lack of information at critical points. I was telephoned late one friday afternoon and asked to come in at 8:30 am on the monday because they wanted to do a liver scan. It was onc’s secretary who rang and all she could tell me is prof had said there was an abnormality with my liver function test but not to worry because “we see this all the time”. NOT TO WORRY -to the queen of needless worry.Of course I couldn’t get hold of anyone on a Friday afternoon. Mercifully the sonographer was able to tell me that it looked ok to him -he looked at my kidneys too , and that he would add an electronic report to my notes so that I could go ahead with chemo that day . I have drivelled on but as I say, I think they are just being rightfully cautious -drives you demented though dosen’t it?


Did your CT scan actually include your abdomen? Mine don’t normally - they stop short, 'cause they don’t like to expose your reproductive system to the radiation. Could it be that your CT scan was the same, but your onc wants the whole picture, so has ordered the ultrasound? Just a thought.

I know the waiting is difficult - it’s human nature to fear the worst, especially with all we’ve been through. Hope you can stay sane until you get the reassurances you need. I’ll be thinking of you and willing it to be good news.

Once this is over, if you feel like meeting up for that coffee in Borders, let me know.

All the best, Mel x

thanks… Thanks ladies for helping me get bit of a grip on my runaway fears of friday.Am sure there is nothing to worry about-but if there is then l will just have to get stuck in and fight.So good to come here to those who understand.My daughter is home for weekend from uni and does not know and am trying to act normal-ha ha.Hubby keeps smiling at me and l know he worried but prtending he’s not-and l’m smiling back…!!!
Mel -yes lets hit Borders for cofee soon!
thanks ladies

a cyst phoned breastcare nurse this morning.Quite off hand- remembers ct showed a cyst but cant remember where, says they think its benign and only scanning to dot I,S AND CROSS T,S.Cant remember hearing nay problems from bloods.Says no need to worry!!! Well to me thats set me into big panic.Thought of lots of questions l shouldhave asked once off phone but felt l was almost being silly for worrying-but christ how would she feel!!! I did say that if they dont tell me results at scanning on weds then l was heading straight for her office and not moving till they told me!!!
so once again a waiting game…
thanks for reading my rant!
sharon x

FEELING LUCKY feel very lucky that todays ultrasound found nothing sinister- it had been a cyst or mets of liver that they were looking for-which l had guessed.They seem to think its just a fatty lump-had consultant radiographer double check as well!Will need bloods for liver function and if ok they will just keep eye on me.
Feel silly for getting into such panic -thanks for all your support here it really got me thru and feel so lucky to have such caring.

out of blue more tests saturday post brought two letters-first from consultant saying as my recent tests were inconclusive l now need more tests and need MRI scan.second letter was scan appt for 19 th April.Am now very worried-one minute they tell me its all ok and then its more tests. cant get hold of brastcare nurse today so imagination running amok again!

thinking of you…Taffy Ive been following your journey,last time I looked you had been told all was well,so when I read about your two letters I felt for you.Im waiting for my mammogram result & to get dates for a liver scan.I will keep everything crossed & say a little prayer to him upstairs for the 19th.Keep trying to get hold of your BC nurse ,as she will know all the details and Im sure she will be able to take some of your fears away.Youve got this far, so you are stronger than you think!!! Love Debs

Sharon you are in my thoughts, fingers crossed that all will be well on the 19th.xx