panic attacks

Last epi but eveyone i’ve had experienced panic attacks 4to 5 days after, taking daiazepam from doc to see me through this horrying few days, doesn’t really remove fear completely . Acouple of friends are having same and no fear. I hope to God cmf gonna be better. surely I am not only one, just want to shut myself away. Bobbie

Hi Corsa

I am sorry to read that you are feeling like this at the moment, please do feel free to call our helpline for a chat with one of our specialist nurses. Sometimes it helps to talk your fears through and can help to clarify your thoughts a little. The number to call is 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm and today (Sat) 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

hi bobbie,
i experienced panic attacks when having FEC but it was whilst i was having chemo adninistered, i had Tamazepam from doctors but onc., unit used to give me Lorazepam to take prior to chemo being adminstered…my anxiety attacks got really bad even with these tablets so can appreciate how you feel…at the worst i just wanted to be on my own, but unless you’ve experienced these attacks i don’t think people realise how they feel…its an undescribable feeling.

Hope things improve for you.
karen x

hi corsa

i’m just on day five after my last epi and also feeling lousy after the steroidal come down, considering taking a diazapem as well, i find the reducing steroid really makes me feel like crap, plus i can hardly get my head off the pillow with fatigue yet my head is racing and i’m all jittery. it is a horrible way to feel so take what you can to make you feel better, at least we know it always passes off eventually. carrie

I have panic attacks and took Diazepam,it takes a while to kick in and you can feel worse for a couple of weeks while you are waiting.A good tip to deal with an attack is ‘over breathing’ breathe in for a count of 4 then out for a count of 5.It really helps.If you get the racing heart clench your fsts hard until you can feel a pulse beat in your fingertips then concentrate on that pulse while breathing slowly.These are only coping strategies but I found they helped me a lot on chemo and I was able to give up the diazepam altogether

hi karen
my doc has given me 1 lorezapan to take on morning of chemo i am scared to take it do you still know where you are putting your feet etc. i had some others and i wasnt sure of my feelings didnt feel in control so to speak. i dont want to feel like this again. as i have only one i cant try it out before like i did with others. any advice thanks

Hi you great folks out there thanks for taking the time to reply to me. Will get back to you in week and report my steady return to the human race. Take the lorezapam. they are a short acting tranx. Find I’m better with diaze… they are a bit longer lasting for me. I know I am my own worst enemy, always been a worrrier.
Lots of love Bobbie

hi jal7777

take the the Lorazepam…I’m guessing that its a low dose one…you should only feel bit more relaxed…and yes you will still know where you are putting your feet!!
i’m still taking diazepam …was dx in jan., 04…on 2mg ones…just help me to keep a bit sane!!!

Good luck with your chemo girls
karen x

I am like this too, I feel like I’ve lost all my coping mechanisms

Everything is (relatively) Ok, when things are going to plan, but as soon as the slighest thing happens that I’m not expecting them I get completely thrown, and completely fall apart

So far I’ve resisted taking medication as I have sole charge of two little children, but am going to talk to my GP and see what they can suggest

Love to you all, Rx

Corsa, I had the panic, rapid pulse, no sleep etc with epi, but it has all stopped since CMF (had 2 now) . Managed without pills but only because of stupid pride! should have seen the doc. Anyway, its very lilely it wont happen with CMF if you are like me.
Good luck Zoe x

Hi Zoe Thanks for getting back to me , I was absloutely dreading CMF due to Epi, cannot beleive it’s going to be better. You have helped me more than you’ll ever realise. More positives please on CMF. Do’nt know how you managed without med, you deserve a bl/dy gt medal. lots of love and huge hug Bobbiexxxxx aka Corsa

Glad you feel better Bobbie, I nearly dropped out of treatment after EPI 3, but this website kept me going. It wasnt just the panics/insomnia/ sweating cold but horrible vein damage too. All of this is wearing off and healing on the CMF. Still feel sick for a few days after, and a bit dizzy, but hair sprouting at a rate of knots. It was dirty blond, but now it looks black! White blood cell count still dropping a bit more each time, so I think we have to be very careful about infections.
Big hug to you sweetie, keep in touch
Zoe xxx

Hi everyone

Been really useful to read that I’m not the only one who suffered awful panic attacks after treatment. I’m on 3rd cycle of 6 x FEC and felt like giving up after 2 of them even though I know this would be stupid. I have Lorazepam before the chemo is given and that keeps me sane for 24 hours then the nerves, fatigue and panic kick in. I take Diazepam to help me sleep on those first few nights.

Good luck to you all keep in touch Judy x