Panicking - Can't remember if took tablet !!

Hi - Happy New Year everyone.

Woke up earlier & can’t remember if I took my Letrozole daily tablet.

I have tiny vague memory of taking it & the tablet packet was moved slightly but not 100% sure. I took a sleeping tablet last night so all but hazy…Don’t know what to do now…Take one or leave it.

Please can some one advise, I’m panicking like mad. x

Hi Modo,

I know the feeling as I too was unsure if I had taken the daily dose of Letrozole but decided that I thought that I had not so had a tablet. Not sure if I made the right decision but anyway I did not experience any symptoms. If you don’t take the tablet I would not worry as the benefits of Letrozole last  for years after you stop taking it so one day missing will not make any difference. I know that it is difficult to be rational at times so do understand how you feel. Hope the rest of your day is less stressful. Linda 


Hi MoDo, happy new year to you too. I agree with Linda’s advice. I understand the benefits of both Letrozole and Tamoxifen last a while after you stop so it’s not bad if you miss one. I totally understand how you feel though, I drove my family mad with similar panics and now I write the days of the week on the packet next to each tablet so I know I’ve taken it. My OH suggested one of those pill boxes you put them in each day but I thought that was too much hassle. I wish the manufacturer would print days of the week on the packets!

big hugs, Evie xx

Good to see you got reassurance, MoDo. My anastrozole came with the days of the week printed which was very useful. I changed brands last month and I’m lost! I’m changing back though - even worse side effects. There is an app in the making that’s being researched with b-c patients to help them with their self-care, including medication alerts. Looks promising - I’ll post when I find out more.

Same happened to me. Did you get an answer, can you tell me what it said, waiting anxiously. Thank you