Panicking over breast indent


I feel ridiculous posting on here, I’ve been refered to the breast clinic twice before. First time was 9 years ago  I had small pea sized lumps & ended up being blocked milk ducts. Second time was nearly two years ago, I couldn’t feel a lump but could see my breast had a strange shape so it like swollen at a certain bit.Dr couldn’t see it &  I felt like I got eye rolled & send on my way. The dr in clinic couldn’t feel a lump so reassured me I’d be fine. Felt like I’d just wasted there time so really don’t want to go to my gp again if I don’t need to. That’s why I thought I’d post before going. 


I’ve  noticed that the strange shape has got worse, it’s more noticeable, maybe enough for someone to see now too. It’s to the right of my right nipple  And there’s a small indent next to it too. When I lift my arms though it completely disappears so not sure if I’m just over reacting & worrying over nothing  (again). I’m thinking it could maybe be a stretch mark that just looks like an indent. It actually looks like cellulite! 


Im overweight & have been losing weight so not sure if it’s just because I’ve dropped 2 stone & things are just a new normal. There’s not a lump. Thanks for any advice x

Hi Joy, Nothing is ridiculous here, everyone’s worries are taken seriously and we will always recommend you get yourself checked out. We can’t tell you what it might be as there is just no way of knowing , breast cancer shows itself in so many ways and what can seem classic symptoms can be perfectly innocent.  


You wont be wasting your GP’s time it’s what they are there for. Xx Jo