Panicking - please help

Was diagnosed in June. Have 2 smallish tumours in right breast and some lymph involved under arm. MRI scan showed some presence towards collar bone. Plan was chemo then surgery then radio. Have had 3 Fec, 3 Tax to go. MRI at half way showed ‘full and complete response in breast and under arm.’ Was feeling positive. Had week’s delay in chemo 4 as white blood count low and badly bitten in garden. Horrible red bites. Onc prescribed antibiotic. Just this morning, have found tiny lump at collar bone. Am terrified what this may mean. Have emailed BCN and seeing everyone Tue 9am anyway but am so scared…

Oh Chenks. I really feel for you! Could the lump not be attributed to the bites? Know that my lymph system goes bonkers when I get bitten by midgies ( I live is Scotland ) Hoping that this is the case and that all turns out well for you. Sending big hugs Ann x x 

Thanks, Ann. I live in Scotland, too. I am not normally allergic to midgie bites but maybe because immune system compromised by chemo? I am allergic to mosquito bites and always have a bad reaction. Spoke to lovely nurse at Beatson on 24/7 number yesterday and she was quite reassuring and thought could be related to infection. I felt like I was starting to turn a corner re fighting this with some positivity and now this has set me back to total dread mode again. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for responding. Xx

One of the ladies I went through chemo with had an awful time with her lymph system. She picked up infection after infection and had lumps in her neck and opposite underarm. She was in a constant state of panic wondering what was going on, but each time was reassured that there was nothing sinister going on. Pleased to say that we’re both almost two years since diagnosis and both doing well. Hope all goes well for you too. Will pop back in tomorrow to see how you got on. Ann x x

Hi Ann,

BCN and consultant both checked me over thoroughly and couldn’t find anything unusual. They think I may have been pressing on my thyroid gland. They reassured me that their scans are really thorough and the BCN told me to stop feeling about for lumps and let them worry about that side of things. Good advice. I feel a bit daft but they said it happens all the time. I really appreciate your answers and support. Xx

So happy happy happy for you. Going through chemo really takes its toll mentally, and I don’t think any of us ladies on this site think you’re daft at all!! Daft is not getting it checked so you def did the right thing. Hope the rest of your chemo is uneventful and that you’re side effects are minimal. Take care and big hugs Ann x x

I hope you are OK. I am so sorry non replied to you.

Didn’t saw the comments. :slight_smile: