Paraben etc free cosmetics


I’m looking for some good quality paraben and other nasty-free cosmetics, but I don’t know where to start really. I need a lightweight foundation and mascara, eyeliner, a lipstick or two. Does anyone know where to access these sort of goods? I’d prefer somewhere where I could try before buying, don’t want to spend a fortune on-line and then find it’s the wrogn colour or what-have you (especially foundation!)


I started drinking green tea when first dx for all the health benefits.I have however been dx with high blood pressure, which has resulted in me being advised against drinking green tea because it can raise blood pressure and cause the drug I am taking to be coming less effective.I have also had to stop taking naproxen/diclofenac because that also tends to raise blood pressure.I think we do have to be careful with any supplements we take to make sure they do not have adverse effects on any essential drugs we are taking.Now need to find an alternative tea to drink and enjoy.

I dont know about cosmetics, but i know that Naked Bodycare do lovely shower gels etc… i used their body butter too and its yummy…
I was told about ‘Origins’ but i have not used them myself. The lady i spoke to at Benefit said their new foundation was paraben free but it might be worth double checking…

someone also recommened Dr Haushcka…but i have not tried them either… i dont wear make up at the mo as lots of things seem to make my face react whilst on chemo…

Take a look here

Need to avoid any products with Parfum in and the neways still add that to their products. Well you only need to avoid if you think there is a chance your hormone sensitive cancer could be affected by this. My homeopath says that Parfum contains a lot of hormones that tamoxifen is trying to rid my body off. I still use ordinary products but in moderation and never put perfume on my skin or body lotion. Really don’t know what to believe!

It’s so difficult to know what to do! A bit of slap (just a little foundation, concealer and eyeliner) make me feel and look so much better! I found AVEDA stuff yesterday and bought some bits, but it’s expensive. It is paraben-free but still contains some other things like dimethicone - I guess it’s a step in the right direction. Body care products are easy to find, it’s the make up that is the problem. I’m going to look at the Dr Hauschka stuff too.
The irony that really gets me is the LGFB sessions where you get all the free make up, which is lovely but then reading round and the dawning realisation that these additive-filled cosmetics and skin care products may be contributing to cancers, and then what do you do with it all if you decide to go down that route?!!!


I love Liz earle which is only on sale in john lewis stores or internet which i beleive is free of nasty chemicals and they do a nice foudation one of the nice things about liz is she keeps it simple her foundation comes in in three shades natural medium or beige. I use her hair shampoo and conditioner and have kept mu hair and have had 3 Fec and having cold cap. and i love her hot cloth cleansers oils and moisturisers a true fan ( everyone keeps telling me how well I look and feel these fab cosmetics help)

i think loccitanne and burts bees are great too, They both do lip stuff and can be found in stores such as debenhams and loccitane has its own shops i love loccitane almond milk shower gel and burts bees body moisturisers and burts bees rhubarb lip shimmer

i bought parabens free deoderant and lead free mascaras from Naturissimo online and they were fine the mascaras are lead free . I was however still tempted to buy a chanel lipstick this week even though i know its not good for you.

oops sorry this has almost turned into a make up blog,

Regards Poppy

ive never really been mad on make up but as i get older I do see the benefits of a bit of eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and lippy to make me feel better - especially after the chemo trip.
Teresa, i too had that thought that the LGFB goodie bag was brill but everything is full of parabens . I often wonder whether im being overly paranoid about everything as I still want to enjoy life and not get wound up over a basic product.
Like yesterday in Tesco…there was a lovely lady promoting the new Sure deo and when she approached me I babbled on about “ooooh no way would I use that stuff…full of parabens and chemicals blah blah blah…breast cancer etc” the woman just said “OK…thanks” and walked away, she probably thought I was a nutcase.
My hubby laughed at me and said Lisa love she probably doesnt know what the heck you were on about and I thought yes, maybe I could have dealt with it better, I handled it like she just tried to hand me a live grenade lol.
There are products out there that we can slowly introduce into our daily routines but it will be trial and error. I had some very good advice from of of our members at BCC called Sarah-Louise (i hope she doesnt mind me mentioning her), but she has done some serious research and knows her parabens from her cabbages I tell ya lol and she also knows most of the retailers where to get them from, also there are hidden parabens to consider, they dont all end with “paraben” as a giveaway. I cant get to the info as its in my messages and no one can access their past messages at the moment.
I did do a mass clear out when chemo ended of all those xmas & birthday smellys we get that we dont use straight away, I could of opened a smellys shop lol.
At the moment shower gel wise i use the Sanex Zero range (they smell nice too), its paraben free but not SLS free, but its a step in the right direction for me until I can find a totally chemical free one I actually like. Many of them contain lavender which I absolutely hate the smell of. I have used Dr Organic shower gel range - totally chemical free and available in all holland & barrett stores, the Rose frangrance is ok but not drop dead gorgeous…and I like my smellies. I know some people even change thier toothpaste - ive not took that step yet, but it may be a step I take shortly, I cant do it all at once…its just too much.
For instance, when I go on hols…is there a paraben and chemical free sunblock/screen? havent even looked into that and I holiday in hot countries like the caribbean etc so im gonna need to look into all of that, I used Piz Buin, havent even looked at what that contains.
It is a minefield isnt it.

Ooh yes, it is so difficult…THe more you look the more horrible substances you find and which are most/least toxic etc etc…
I am thinking that even if I only change half of the things I am still making a big difference and half is a lot more than none…BUT I live in a country where you do not drink tap water, you only drink bottled, and guess what, its ALL in plastic bottles…
I would love a list of ALL the ingredients you need to avoid in order of danger/toxicity…along with all the hidden names!! Not much to ask is it…after all surely we should all be entitled to this info, whether we have Bc or not, but big business interests stop us…
For now i have moved back to using Ecover…in the home and am looking at shower gels as I get very allergic to many of them so try and avoid Sodium Lauryl sulfate anyway…

Korres products leave out lots of the nasties and so does the Heathcote and Ivory range for Cath Kidston.

Hi Ladies,
Thanks Libralady and of course I dont mind you mentioning my name like you said its a shame we have lost all of our previous posts/pm cause I had emailed you a list links to the best companies I have found to be free of practically everything, at the moment I am using Faith in Nature especially the ylangylang/aloe vera shower gel its totally gorgeous but all of there stuff is nasties free and at around £4-5 quid not over priced here’s a link to there website other companies include Neals Yard and Dr Haushcka although these are good companys they are a bit pricey here’s some other links that might help
Hope this helps, if our old posts/pm from the previous forum are returned then I will be able to post a much better comprehensive link list.
love and light to all

Thank you that´s great, have a good weekend

I posted a long reply to this post yesterday or this morning (can’t remember, chemo brain!) and I’ve just noticed that it didn’t go up. Weird!

Anyway thanks so much Sarah-Louise I will look into this.

Love to all have a good weekend

Teresa x

Just resurrecting this thread as M&S have recently introduced a skincare range with fewer nasty chemicals in. It’s called “Pure” and is very reasonably priced. Just used the £5 face wash for the first time and it felt and smelled nice…

Hi Teresa
There are loads of products out there. Rarely some will offer you sample pots so you can try out things like foundation (not used this website personally). I’ve used Nvey products:

I get a lot of stuff from pravera. They do lovely scented body lotions as well:

Also used a lot of Sante products:

I’ve also used Lily Lolo who have a guide on getting the right colours:

I also use some of those mentioned above: Dr Haushka, Faith in Nature, Purenufstuff and Liz Earle. The more you search the more you’ll find. Some I didn’t like but all the above I’ve used and liked. Happy shopping! Elinda xx

I use EnvyDerm products as they produce paraben-free cosmetics. Quite pricey but all worth it, 

Wileda is another company that are chemical free.Very old company but lots of creams,shampoos etc .Not sure about makeup.very helpful staff if you phone.They also have a resident pharmacist who you can speak to as they also do homeopathic medicines

Someone might find this information useful as it helps if you can ask questions.

I use Organic Surge, their products are reasonably priced and great quality, here’s the link

This is what they say:

We Leave Out

Parabens and moisture-stripping surfactants
Aggressive foaming agents, no SLS or SLES
Common skin irritants, artificial fragrances, colourants, propylene glycol
Chemical antioxidants, mineral oils, propylene glycol, petrolatum, PEGs
Synthetic perfume, artificial colorants

Cheers debbie xxx

Hello - I am no longer taking drugs after 5 years so trying to look at my intake of oestrogen. Can anyone recommend a paraben free lipstick. Really up against it as I have work red lipstick for years! Had a look online but pretty confused. Thank you