Paracetamol and chemo

So far I have done 3 FEC and had my first Taxotere today. The Oncologist told me I should not be taking anything with parracetamol in it as it masks a high temperature which could hide the fact that I could have low blood counts. Nobody had told me that before but it was interesting because I ran out of Co-codamol for a few days last week which I take for rather painful arthritis in the neck. On the Thursday night I had a temp of 38 and I ended up driving myself to A&E and having blood tests. My temp dropped again and I was sent home. Got home at 6am Friday exhausted.
Has anybody else been told about Paracetamol and chemo?

Helen xx

Hi Helen,
If you have a high temperature,you shouldn’t take any paracetamol until you’ve had your blood checked out because paracetamol brings your temperature down and this could be masking something else that could be wrong.
Once they have given your blood the all clear,only then will they give you some paracetamol to bring the temp down.
I’ve never been told that I shouldn’t take it at all whilst on chemo.If you’ve got a headache or some kind of other pain then I presume it’s ok.
Alli x

Hi Helen

I’m very prone to headaches and my Onc did say to be careful when taking paracetamol but only because it could mask a fever not because it interacts badly or anything. She said to take my temperature first and if I’m sure it’s just a headache it’s ok to take paracetamol.