Paranoia again :-(

Hi I had a mx nearly a year ago for Dcis :frowning:
Since then had to go back to clinic with healing and worries that so far turn out ok. My new worry is little circular skin surface swelling on side of ribs. Just below reconstruction side and below where drains scar are. It only just appeared last week as I check my self regular. It seem more on the surface of skin, it’s soft, no red, doesn’t hurt. Just a circular raised ring type swelling. You can only see this in certain lights, eg bright lights and harder in day light. Now I’m worried what the hell it could be. Any ideas ladies???

Hi Hay

Sorry to read that you are so worried, please feel free to call our helpliners or contact our nurses via the ‘Ask the Nurse’ email service, here’s the link to both:

Take care

Lucy BCC


I’ve had 2 more lumps since my mastectomy last year, try not to worry and get another appointment with the Breast clinic booked.

This is life from now on, we will find these lumps and bumps and get worried but try to stay calm and get it checked.


Thanks Sharon I private message you x