Paranoia or just being realistic?

Haven’t been in here for a while-and did make a decision not to post-but I have a check up in a couple of weeks and am a bit nervous. I was 37 when diagnosed in Dec 2007 with multifocal BC, grade 3, stage 2. I had a mastectomy with a LD reconstruction. I think I can feel a lump, in the same site as the original, but I’m not sure if it isn’t just the implant (or wishful thinking). I intend to mention it to the oncologist but, 3.5 years later, and I still haven’t managed to move on. It is b…dy tiring!

Hi Naomi
just wanted to say hello and that I understand where you are. its so hard when you come up to anniversaries and appointments when they are further apart as time goes on, and finding a lump at those times is just a horrible feeling. You could be being paranoid, or not, but all you can do is talk to the onc as soon as you can and in the meantime hang in there. It does get better over time, in my experience, anyway, and moving on does become possible as time goes on.
It is tiring and I hope that you soon get sorted out, with a positive outcome.
Good luck - let us know how you get on
monica xx

if you never had cancer before and found a lump would you say you were being paranoid? i suspect not.

being proactive when you find changes is what we should be doing whether we have cancer or not… the trouble is we have already been through and that makes it a scary prospect that we may have to go through it again… but unfortunately for some the reality is that you do get recurrence or progression… however the majority do not.

i went 3 years between first and second cancer and although i was getting on with my life again and not letting cancer dominate my life when i felt a lump i did get it checked out… it wasnt cancer but there was a new tumour in the other side.

fingers crossed that its just a lumpy implant

lulu xxx

thank you, Monica, Lulu. Diagnosis/recurrence, to more or less degree, is usually on my mind every day, even after so long. I’m seeing the onc on 28 June. Not sure what I should be asking for-they may just say they can’t feel anything but I can-I can’t ask for a mammogram (the thought of the pain of a mammogram on my reconstructed breast brings tears to my eyes!). Would an ultrasound be the first scan to ask for? Would I have to wait for an appointment, or could I ask them to refer me to the screening unit on the same day? All these decisions just makes me not want to bother in the first place, which is definitely not the attitude to adopt! I’ll let you know how I get on. Thank you again. x

Hi,. Please do not worry about having a mammo on the reconn,I was mortified when my BCS told me I would be having one every year from now, …I am 2 years post reconn, anyway had mammo last month, and please be re assured it felt no different from the mammo on the natural breast. I was amazed ,I was so worried , thought it would pop or something.

good luck xx

I had ultrasound when I had my second dx, but also had ultrasound when they found scar tissue from rads.
Got lots of us rooting for you - keep in touch
monica xx

all my lumpy bumpy bits iv had checked out have always been ultra sounds unless it was time for my routine mammo.

many places dont routinely check with mammo on a reconstruction, but it can be done if they are concerned.

good luck

Hiya, I wanted to share my experience today - I can’t work out whether I’m relieved, scared out of my mind, or not bothered at all! Probably all three. Relieved, in so far as my oncologist agreed that she could feel something, so I wasn’t just being paranoid (of course, she also added, “it doesn’t feel suspicious” - I wish they wouldn’t say things like that, its bound to get me feeling worried!). Scared, because I’m back next week for a scan and, possibly, biopsy. Not bothered, because if its returned, I shall just have to do what I need to do…

Of course, I’ve also had the flashbacks and the tears - the fears - but, until my appointment next week, I am going to try and enjoy my short break over the weekend at South Wales!

Thank you for listening to me.

sending big hugs for next week. do try to enjoy your weekend away Lxx

Thank you, Lulu, I did have a good break away, although, of course, the appointment was at the back of my mind more or less all of the time. Sadly, the radiologist wasn’t able to “make it disappear” by aspirating it, i.e. it is a solid mass. I had a core biopsy and go back for the results next Thursday. I’m not optimistic but I’m told it is very small (4mm). I’m trying not to think too far ahead but am guessing that they will aim to remove it and/or suggest radiotherapy (I only had chemotherapy initially and have been on tamoxifen since finishing). My only concern is the damage the radiotherapy might do to my implant, and, therefore, whether they will suggest more extensive surgery, i.e. remove the reconstruction altogether. It is not the removal of the reconstruction so much as more extensive surgery…

For the time being, I just need to try and put it out of my mind for the next few days and concentrate on my job!

Thank you again for listening.

Dot had rads on her reconstructed breast they gave her lower dose over a longer period and her implant is fine… keeping my fingers crossed its something benign like fat necrosis xx

Good luck with your results- fingers crossed it’s benign
tina x