Hi, well its stoopid o’clock and after no sleep, thought I may as well get up! Had hosp yesterday as I have sharp stabbing pains in my right boob, which is the reduction, after mx on left boob last July. I had 5 months of chemo (Jan - May 2011). Thought all was ok but then this pain started. I will not be told if its painful its NOT cancer, cos thats a total myth after pain took me to Docs in first place - and it was!! Does anyone know if after chemo, it can re-occur in reduced boob? Got ultrasound next Tuesday, and yes I know I’m probably paranoid, but I think we’ve earned the right to be - just a bit, don’t you? It may be glands, nerves, scar tissue, but obviously I’m convinced its the worst. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of this? Okey doke, best get ready for work, will check in later.

Hi Gengymaud,
sorry you’re feeling so unwell and stressed. I had a lumpectomy so I dont think I can help too much, but I too had chemo Jan-May 2011, so I’m just bumping up this post for you.