Paranoid there is another tumour

Hi. I have recently been diagnosed with a grade 2 invasive Ductal carcinoma and I also have what they are referring to as a “borderline” papilloma, both in the left breast. I had biopsies and currently waiting for a date for surgery (wide local excisions) and sentinel lymph node biopsy. BC was discovered following routine mammograms. I don’t know if I am being paranoid but I can definitely now feel a small lump in my right breast. The mammogram was just over six weeks ago. When I got the recall I had another mammogram and ultrasound but only in my left breast, nothing on the right. Has anyone ever had anything similar where a palpable lump has appeared within 6 weeks of a mammogram? Or has anyone got any words of wisdom to stop me having a complete meltdown please? Thank you x

No I haven’t had that, but my lumps weren’t picked up on a mammogram as I don’t have them. I prefer to use my knowledge of my breasts and only go if I think there’s something abnormal there. the latest thing I found was dead fat in my new reconstruction. It was tiny and I had a biopsy on it which showed it was nothing sinister. I would let the docs know and have it investigated. Like me it could be nothing. The first lump I found myself in 2003 and it didn’t show up on mammograms as I had dense breast tissue and I was only 48 and premenopausal. After the menopause age 54 my breasts have become less dense. I have become more dense though especially as I am now nearly 70 years old. I am planning to be a very annoying old person, if I am not already. I am deaf and keep shouting at people to SPEAK UP!

So I would say speak out and get yourself checked out…


Hi Paddington! I’m so sorry you’re going through this. At any rate it would be quite unusual for a mammogram to miss a breast cancer when you had it only six weeks ago but it could happen. Simply tell them you’ve found something in your right breast also and they should check it out.