Paranoid? Hi,
I was diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer in my right breast a couple of months ago.
Since then I have been vigilent about checking.
A few years ago I was investigated and found to have a couple of benign lumps in my left breast. Such a long time ago and I can’t remember where they were!!
I have now felt two small lumps (pea size) in that breast and I am wondering whether to get them checked. I have seen so many doctors over the last few months I feel hesitant about wasting their time.
When breast cancer was found in the right side I obviously had mammograms taken of both breasts. But the left side (unaffected) was double checked with a “spot” mammogram (don’t know the correct term)
Am I paranoid? Why would they spend extra time checking the unaffected side? I would be grateful for advice. I feel upset because I don’t want to be bothering people if there is nothing really suspicious.

Firstly, you are not being paranoid if something is worrying you then it needs to be sorted out whether it turns out to be something serious or not.

Neither would you be wasting the doctors time. Yes, I know some of them give that impression but YOU are the important person here so do try not to worry about their attitude.

I really think that you should get this looked at as soon as possible, I really hope that they can put your mind at rest but, if the worst came to the worst, heaven forbid, you know as well as I do that early intervention is always best.

Please ring up someone today Gill. Don’t let yourself be fobbed off either. Don’t go in apologising to them. Just state the facts and let them examine you.

Sorry if I’m being full of ‘don’ts’ but don’t just assume that they will know what your history is even though they have your notes in front of them either. Explain it all again.

I’m sorry if this is not what you really wanted to hear, but deep in your heart you know what must be done.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for good news, do let me know when you have an appointment.

Good Luck,

Love, Valerie xxx

sharing thoughts hi Gill,

Its good to share doubtful thoughts, like yours. I have the same uncertaties, but slightly different.
I had a lump removed when I was 20 , it was benign and all OK. Then the last 12 months I started to get pains where is was removed, and sometimes they shoot up my arm or into my back.
I went to the Dr in July, he said , its just scar tissue.
I went back to the Dr in November, she was more thorough , she sent me to the breast clinic for a scan to see if the scar tissue was touching a nerve, not that they could do anything but put my mind at rest.
I didn’t get a scan at the Breast clinic, just another examination, no mammogram either. Got a letter sent to the Dr’d to say breast pain is common and got a leaflet about evening primrose oil!
I was glad on the day, I escaped with just a leaflet, but the pain remains, and is there, all the time and I am getting more curious again.
I am thinking do I go back to the Dr’s, do I mither them ,what could they do if I had a scan an it was a nerve ? is there another pea sized lump or is it scar tissue. Dilema’s!

In your case,. You have a lump,or two, if I was definate at what I had ,I would definitely go back ,esp if I was certain it was a lump. You have a history too of BC,so in your situation, I would mither them and go back. I don’t think you are paranoid at all , I think you have very good reason to go back to the Dr’s. Let us know what they say …

Try not to be upset, have a huge warm cyber hug on such a cold freezy day :slight_smile:
Rachel x

before we go for our walk… Hi Gill,
before we set off on our country walk through the crisp air, sunshine and my little Jess beside us I wanted to share my thoughts with you regarding your post about being paranoid.

First point is YOU ARE NOT PARANOID !!! You have already been through the mill with your previous diagnosis so the finding of these two lumps is something you should address straight away.

If there is one bit of advice all the wonderful people on this site will give you it’s IF IN DOUBT…HAVE IT CHECKED !! As we find out here lumps can change for all sorts of reasons, some good and some not so good. You are a very strong woman to have gone through cancer already so be kind to yourself and get this situation checked this week.

Please don’t let anyone fob you off or try and convince you that " I’m sure it’s nothing so come back if it doesn’t go away ". The medics are there to be a service to you, they get paid…very well…and it is their duty to make sure that that service is provided well and whenever you ask for it.

You need to put your mind at rest knowing that the lumps are being taken seriously. Keep control of the reins of your body and don’t ask them to check the lumps…demand that they do!!! ( I’m getting bolshy now !!!) I have seen and heard of so many women not being taken seriously by some members of the medical profession …it just winds me up!!! ( in case you hadn’t realised that !!!)

Give them a call today, make sure they give you an appointment this week and all of us will be here to support you all the rest of the way!!

I think I have got the message clear so let’s get our hat, gloves and coats on and go and enjoy our walk !!! Better check I have the poopy bags in my pocket for Jess!!! Her little stumpy tail is almost wagging itself off at the thought of going out!!

Ready ?

Don’t forget to lock the door behind you !!!

Do we go left or right now ???

Cyberhugs and sunshine are on its way to you now !


Cathy x

Appointment Dear Friends,
I want to thank you for your advice and support.
My appointment with the GP is tomorrow and I’ll let you know what happens.
Hopefully the lumps are the same ones I had all those years ago. I still feel uncomfortable about going back to the GP - maybe it’s my nursing background when deference was key!! Saying that I shouldn’t have to think about going for a check-up but I think the treatment is leaving me emotionally drained and I wonder if the family can cope with anything else.
P.S A message for Kathy. We have a cocker spaniel who has a lovely smile and a fun personality

message for Gill… so glad you have an appointment! I’m sure all will be well but it’s better to know.
I too have a nursing background and sometimes that can be my worst enemy.
Having to go through all this is bound to leave you emotionally and physically drained. You are so like me…more worried about how the family will cope with things rather than how you are going to cope. Your family will cope whatever happens so you must try and put yourself ahead of that. What your family wouldn’t cope with is finding that you didn’t get something checked out because you didn’t want to worry or bother anyone.
I am here when ever you need to post and I will be looking out for you post tomorrow , if you feel like posting.

I’m sending all the strength, cyberhugs and sunshine I can find for you tomorrow. What time is your appointment?

What I found useful is, in the morning, sit down with a cuppa, pen & paper. Write a list of questions you want to ask, things you want to know, fears etc and take that list with you. I found it took a bit of the pressure off me as I knew I didn’t have to remember it all…I just had to take my piece of paper with me. ( I even left myself a note on the front door reminding me of my piece of paper !!!)

Take care my friend and I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Just to let you know, I have put a photo of my Jess on my profile for you to see. She is 3 years old and the light of my life! She had open heart surgery when she was 6 weeks old as she had a very severe heart murmur and her valves were damaged. Most people thought I should have put her down but she was prepared to fight…and so was I ! I never thought I would have her still as she wasn’t expected to make it much past her first birthday, Only half of her heart works now and a valve is leaking so I know that each day is a blessing with her…she is my girl! Cockers are such lovely dogs and I treasure every day I have with her.

Speak to you soon.



hugs for all !! Hi Gill & Cathy

Let us know how you get on tomorrow Gill, it will probably encourage me to return :slight_smile:

awww Jess looks Gorgeous Cathy !
I had a king Charles Caveliar (*sp?) when i was younger , :slight_smile:

lots of cyber, warm , positive hugs for you Gill
and some for you Cathy :slight_smile:

looking for nemo:)

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Hi Gill

I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. I spend the waiting room boredom time sending positive thoughts and love to everybody attending clinics, rads and other treatments and those with troubles and traumas. That’s just about everybody in the world so it keeps me safely occupied.
Good luck!

Love and cuddly cyberhugs from P. xx

Another appointement Hi Everyone,
What a fantastic site this is. So many good friends offering love and support.
I went to see my GP today and was able to direct her to the lump!! Unlike last time when I found it difficult to find which was very embarrasing.
She thinks that it is most probably nothing to worry about but she is arranging another appointment with the consultant as a matter of protocol. I am so pleased I went as she was very kind.
I’ll let you know what happens.
I must write something on my profile page and post a photo of Amber. She looks just like Kathy’s breautiful Jess.
Hugs everyone

Appointment next Wens Hi,
Just to let you know I have a appointment to see the same consultant on Wens.
When I was diagnosed with Invasive lobular on the right side before Christmas we were able to use my husbands health insurance. The insurance copany aren’t able to pay for anymore outpatients appointments so I am seeing the consultant in our local NHS hospital about the small lumps on the left side.
I am sure he will think I am wasting his time and feel quite upset about having to go for another mammogram again, and also how stupid he’ll think I am.
I’ll let you know what happens.