Parps not worked

Hi ladies, just finished 2 cycles of parp trials and sadly not worked. Was hoping for a good result (am triple neg and brca1) but it wasn’t to be. Didn’t have a good result from
Capecitabine before that either so now it’s onto gemcarbo. Anyone had any good/bad experiences on this? They say no hair loss but am a bit worried as I seem to be the exception to the rule on everything :wink:

I am so sorry to hear that. I have started PARP tablets recently. Its so scary. Anyway hope the next treatment

Really sorry to hear the parps have failed you :slight_smile: They really are hit and miss when it comes to their effectiveness but you did right to try them. The gem carbo regime is very common + widely use in the States too. I’m just on carboplatin + have had good scan results so far. It’s been an easy chemo, no hair loss + minimal s.e.'s. Combining carbo with gem makes things a little tougher I believe. The regime is tough on blood counts + I know a few ladies who have found it very hard going- but effective in either stabilising or reducing their mets. You won’t lose your hair which is a bonus- mine is thicker than ever.
All the best
tina x

Hi Frances

I had Carboplatin with Gemcitabine last year and it worked very well - significant reduction, so I was very pleased. I did have a bit of hair thinning but, as I have quite thick hair to start with, it wasn’t noticeable to anyone other than me and my hairdresser. One year o from that treatment ending and I have had lots of re-growth again.

Yes, it is tough on the old blood count but I didn’t feel as unwell as I did on my first chemo with Taxol and FEC (Trial). I did have a Hickman line put in to help but it was a disaster as there was some bugs in it more or less from the word go and I had problems with being neutropenic until they took it out. I was fine after that.

Hope this helps and good luck. Sue x

Thanks for the advice, I have a portacath anyway from the parps which makes things soooooo much easier!