Hi, my name is Rose. 
I was diagnosed in September with Invasive Lobular Cancer and am waiting to see the Consultant again after my original treatment plan was delayed because they wanted to do another ultrasound of my axilla and a bone scan. I’m due to see him on 19th with the results of the latest tests. The periods of waiting in between tests and consultations has been really hard so I chose ‘Happy Vibes’ as my username as I’ve been trying to ward off the fear! I’ve only just told my grown up kids which I’d been dreading. They were upset obviously, but they too are now helping to keep my spirits up with positive thoughts. 

At our last meeting, before they requested more tests, my surgeon said I would be having a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy, and that they would do a Partial Reconstruction LICAP (Lateral Intercostal Artery Perforator) Flap. 
I’ve found the posts on here so helpful and reassuring. What a lovely caring community it is, so I’ve jumped in to join you so that I can talk with you about my treatment and find others who have ILC. 
I did a search for the LICAP procedure but can’t find anything. It just comes back with “Did you mean Lilac?” Haha. 
Has anybody here had this procedure? I’m particularly interested to know how the healing went and whether the graft of the tissue was affected by radiotherapy afterwards. 
Thank you in advance. Rose. 

Hi Rose,

Welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed in May during the lockdown, so had no option of an immediate reconstruction following Masectomy. I can’t share with you the reconstruction aspect yet.

However, I know the feeling of fear while waiting for test results and in between consultations. The fear seemed worse than what I was facing, and like you, I got to the point of choosing positive thoughts to reduce/eliminate my anxiety. This helped a great deal and I am sure this will help you too.

Also, sharing and finding people with similar journeys helped me a lot to know what to anticipate, questions to ask, and etc. So you are definitely on the right path joining the forum as it is a caring community.

I wish you the best in your upcoming meeting and hope all goes well for you.

Hi Rose,

I had a LICAP and all nodes removed on December 21st. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have although I haven’t had my radiotherapy yet. 

I was really unsure about whether to have the licap or just the lumpectomy as I am very small busted and slender, so not much fat to transfer on my side. They planned to remove an amount of flesh that was the same size as the original lump, about 3cm, plus extra for margins. This could have potentially been about a third of my boob! I even took in some play doh so he could show me so I could visualise it a bit better
My surgeon didn’t seem particularly confident about either in terms of final appearance and they only had one photo at the clinic and there aren’t many online. 

However, I couldn’t be happier with the result. My breast looks the same shape as it was and is only a tiny bit smaller (plus he got all the cancer out ). Where the ‘transplant’ occurred is very hard and there is very little sensation in the skin but I’m ok with that. I’m not sure how permanent that will be. 
I should say that someone I met during treatment hasn’t had such a good result and will be having some further surgery to correct the shape. 
Also, you do have quite a big scar, stretching from just beneath the beast all the way round to the back. Mine’s about 7 or 8 inches long. But it’s healing well and I can accept it. My mum calls it a battle scar. 

Hope you’re doing ok.