Partner support group?

What options are available? What do people use and find most effective?



The pandemic has put paid to most of the support available, which is more than tragic because breast cancer’s tentacles reach far and wide. If you have a Maggie’s centre near you, I know that they are open for drop-in support but I don’t know if they are running groups yet. I believe that Macmillan support is still suspended in terms of one-to-one support and groups, and similarly Breast Cancer Havens aren’t running their physical services. But they are running a whole raft of online sessions free of charge and I have to say just entering a Zoom session and finding yourself with like-minded people lifts your spirits. I’ve just checked and can’t see anything for partners but I’m sure they are open to suggestions.

Cancer is a strange disease. Until you actually enter that world, I don’t think anyone can really appreciate how broad its reach is. I was so tied up in my chemo-misery and my side effects that I barely registered how profoundly my husband was affected by my experiences, I’d say more than I was, because we have different outlooks on it and of course because I was unaware of things he was only too aware of at the time. He would never have countenanced a group but, pre-Covid, I did ‘dupe’ him into one-to-one counselling which helped him tremendously. So I would say reach out in any direction you can. Don’t be disappointed if your friends fall short (it’s not their fault and it’s their good fortune) but look further for people who understand what you are experiencing. Ask the hospital if anything is available there. The big stumbling block is going to be the restrictions of the pandemic but Zoom sessions could be organised by an experienced counsellor.

Good luck in your search x