Passport photo panic!! - Manchester airport


 After all your advice,


i am finally near the end of radiotherapy treatment on Thursday and have booked to go away mid September on a much need holiday to Portugual.


i have just gone into full panic and released that my passport photo is very different due to the hair loss from chemo that ended in May.


I am planning to wear a headscarf in the airport but realised that they may ask me to take it off going through security which is filling me with dread!


Any advice would be appreciated,do I need to get a letter from my go or oncologist to explain my hair loss and perhaps get it translated to Portuguese? Do they make you take your headscarf off going through security at Manchester airport?


Thanks in advance!

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I wouldn’t waste time worrying about it as I am quite sure you will not be be questioned.

I have been on 2 cruises from Southampton and 2 flights from East Midlands and my photo looks nothing like me as my photo was done while on chemo and had a wig on.

Only worry about things you can change and you have made it this far and deserve a nice holiday with all the trimmings.

Ps passports are recognised by your eyes so I have no worries you will be ok :relaxed:

Honey 10

I’ve travelled to and from Portugal via Manchester several times with various stages of hair growth. I’m actuall bald on my passport picture…no problems passport needed renewing when I had no hair and I’ve got that pic for another 10 yrs .I’m tempted to leave it to show how far I’ve come. Enjoy Portugal x

Hi, I returned from a lovely holiday in Spain a couple of days ago. We flew from Alicante into Manchester. My passport photo shows me with long dark brown hair. I finished chemo in April and am now sporting a very short grey crop, which is a shock to me each and every morning when I looked in the mirror but hey ho my hair has come and is growing so can’t complain! I had no issues entering Spain but at passport control in Manchester I did get a bit of a grilling. My partner and I tried to use the e-passport queue but we’re directed to the “manned” desks. The guy at passport control looked at me and my passport several times, he asked where I’d arrived from (now I must admit I was very tired at this point and my memory is shocking) lol all I could blurt out was Spain, took me several minutes to remember I’d come from Alicante. He went on to ask where lived and where I’d been born!! I eventually said “look I’m recovering from cancer, I’ve had chemo and this is my hair growing back”!!! He then turned nice as pie and said he hoped I’d had a lovely holiday. It was upsetting but I guess he’s just doing his job…next time I’ll use the machine at least it’s programmed to recognise facial features and not be fooled by hair colour and style!!