Passport photo panic!

Just thought i would share my panic with you. I will be having my 1st chemo session on Friday so been trying to prep myself. I have just realised my passport runs out in January 2012 and im due to go visit family in Berlin next March. Quick get picture done BEFORE all hair disapears. I dont want a bald passport photo for next 10 years!Lol. And you cannot wear hat/scarf in pics either.

now why is that not one of the things your breast nurse discusses with you when you start treament? even people with a couple of years left might want to renew. And just getting a little store of photos put by for rail cards, security card, and if you are nearly at that age-freedom pass.

I did think about this and checked that my passport still has a couple of years left to run.

I’ll be needing a ski lift pass for my holiday the week after next and that needs a photo but I realised I really had to use a baldy photo (well, a thin coating of hair photo by now) as that’s how I’ll look when I use it and they wouldn’t recognise the hairy version of me as being the same person. At least I only have to use it for a week!

Jane xxx

I have to renew my passport, too. It’s actually already run out and as I am german I am practically stuck in England. When I thought of renewing it, in may before it ran out, I found out I had to wait for 3 months to get an appointment at the german embassy! Where is the german efficiency there?
Anyway, got dx, hubby also said, quickly get the pic done before you loose you hair, so I did. However, I just got a new set of pic with my wig - way nicer than with my semi scruffy / curly hair, that does not really respond to hair straighteners :).
So in 2, 3, … years time, the border control will think: why is she not styling her hair as nice as on this pic :wink:
Rexi x

lol Rexi, especially the “Where is the german efficiency?” line ;o)

This should be noted in one of the many brochures they give you upon dx: Practical tip: Get your photograph taken. I had to renew my passport and now have one with a photo with very, very short hair. It’s ‘only’ for five years though…:wink:

I had my photo taken just post chemo as OH booked a break as a treat,and then found passport had run out.My passport has a photo of a very peaky looking individual but with a lovely chestnut curly wig.
I have since used it but although now looking healthier I have short silver grey hair.I look to have aged several years in a period of 6 months.
Lady on passport contol asked me look straight ahead so she could see my eyes!


hi betty boo you can wear a scarf iwas told by them if you send a cover note from onc to state that you have had chemo resulting in hair loss x

AArghhh! Just had a major panic reading this! I need my passport renewed as it runs out this month. I will need to wear my wig as I would not be happy with current hairstyle being on passport for the next 10 yrs. Lol.

What about the strict rules now about no hair on face for passport photos?

As you can see from my photo I have a problem…

Seriously, my wig has a fringe and no way would i be able to tuck it out of the way!


No hair on face?? Is that not a moustache? Another down side of hair coming back - all the hair you don’t really want makes thier appearance first. On a serious note, I have always had a fringe and that is how I appear on my passport photo. Surely I dont have to hold back the fringe of my wig for new photo. Oh what a sight I am going to be if that is the case!! J.

This has raised a query for me … I finish chemo at end of August and was planning to fly to Portugal for a short break at the end of September. My query is, if I wear a bandana will I be asked to remove this when going through security? Will my prosthesis be picked up when I go through the machine? If I decide to wear my wig with hair grips, these will be picked up on the xray, will this be a problem? Should I be asking the airline??

Hi Angielay

I have just come back from a holiday in Italy and I had the same worries as you are having now! To answer your questions, no, the alarms didn’t go off when I passed security, I was worried too since I was wearing my wig and I was concerned about the metal grips! I kept thinking “please God, don’t let the flashing alarm bells go off in front of all these people!” Nothing happened, although they did ask me to remove my shoes lol
As for the prosthesis I don’t know whether it was picked up or not, they didn’t say anything nor searched me.
Bon vojage!

For a little light relief…My passport was renewed 3 months before diagnosis. The photo I originally had was with my hair really short. Over the last 5 years I had grown my hair quite long so was glad to have a passport photo that actually looked like me!! What happens I now have really short hair and my photo is me with long hair!!!. i can’t win!!!


To add to others replies, I went through the new body scanner at Manchester airport and was worried so I got a letter from my GP to confirm I had a prosthesis in case I was stopped. I went through fine and there was an area which looked as if it was for private searching.
Cathie x

Thanks … good advice. Think I will get a letter from my gp as a just in case about the wig and prosthesis. Now for the insurance!