Passport photograph

Passport photograph

Passport photograph Hi Ladies,

I need to renew my passport. Beccause of all the new rules and regulations since I last renewed it can anyone tell me, do I have to be photographed bald or am I allowed to wear my wig?

I’m nearly 3/4 through chemo (I have had 4 EC and have the 2nd of 4 Taxotere this Friday) and thought I might renew it now because of the length of time it can sometimes take to process. Towards late autumn when treatment - chemo and rads - is finished (hopefully!) I would like to get away. Or, am I being too optimistic about how I’ll feel when it’s over and is it more sensible to abandon the idea until my hair has grown back and my health is stronger?

Also, when treatment is finished how long should you wait until your immunity is strong enough to cope with a flight to USA?

Jibby X

Photo rules Jibby,

The full head must be shown without any covering unless this is for religious or medical reasons. Whether a wig counts as a “covering” is unclear. Perhaps best to check with the Passport Service on the 24-hour Passport Adviceline 0870 521 0410


Passport photo Hi Jibby,

I renewed mine last year and I wore my wig for the photo.

Diane x

passport photo Hi Jibby
I would think it would be fine with the wig. I am now 18 months past treatment and look totally different from my passport photo which was taken about 5 years ago. My face is fatter, my hair completely different colour texture and style, yet it has not caused any problems
Hope you get your passport and have a lovely holiday

Surely they are not going to know if you have a wig on or not!..Hell and high water would’nt see me with a bald head on my passport photograph!

I had my wig on for my photo, after all us ladies change our hairstyles colour etc. So who will know!!

Treakle x

I too had my passport photo taken with my wig on. In fact it never occured to me not to wear it. There’s absolutely no way I would have had my photo taken bald.
Haven’t used passport yet but don’t anticipate any problems when I do, like someone else said women change their hairstyles all the time…who’s going to guess.

Happy holidays


Yeah they let you wear your wig.
Funny story about that. Although i didnt think it funny at the time i nearly cried.
I had photo taken before the hair came out for passport. Then they sent it back said it hadnt been taken properly apparently they have to have so much space around the picture. I thought they were being over fussy.
I had lost my hair by the time i had the new photo done. The woman in Max Speilman said i looked nicer with the wig than my own hair.

When i did travel only to Ierland but you need your passport for any flights now. I had very very short hair about 3 months after chemo. I didnt look anything like my passport photo but no one said anything.


Thank you for your answers everyone. I needed the reassurance because I tend to blow even small things out of all proportion at the moment!

Jibby X