Pathology report?

Following surgery is there such a thing as a pathology report? Although the consultant gave me a run down of the results this was before the MDT had met and I would quite like to see the report related to what they found and discussed. 

Does anyone know how you get this in writing? 

My breast cancer was not found via mammogram. The invasive breast cancer was found via ultrasound and then DCIS via MRI. I was told today that they will not be offering me an annual MRI of the other breast only a mammogram which I find odd as I have dense breasts and nothing showed up on my initial mammogram. 

Any advice would be appreciated. 

@Claire45  - I’ve just replied on your question to the nurses. Happy to discuss further if you have any trouble getting hold of your pathology report. Evie xx

Hi Claire

At my results appointment two weeks following surgery, my surgeon read them out to me from the computer but I also asked if I could have a copy, she seemed surprised at this request (perhaps not many women ask for their pathology report) but she did give me a copy. It is three pages long and very detailed however I did manage to understand the gist of it.

Concerning my diagnosis, I wasn’t shown any of the images on the computer screen the consultant had in front of him. I think I would have preferred to see exactly what was growing there and to compare the cancerous breast with the other healthy one. It was a case of “I’m afraid you’ve got breast cancer. You can go with the nurse now”. I felt somewhat excluded from everything. However since going through treatment I’m a bit more assertive now!

Best wishes x