Pathology report


I had WLE and axillary in Jan and was told that lump removed was 15mm IDC (grade2) with DCIS in one margin and that although I would need to have further surgery as all IDC was removed I should have chemo first. Finished chemo in June and had mx 6 July.

Went for results of pathology on the removed tissue - saw yet another new doctor - and was shocked when she opened with the words ‘we removed cancer of 76mm’ and you’ll be needing radiotherapy’. When questioned this turned out to be the DCIS, but within it they also found a second area of IDC of 14mm … this is as big as my original mass despite 6 sessions of chemo.

I was so surprised that I didn’t really question this at all (and didn’t like the consultants manner or attitude anyway). Now I am wondering about the implications of this. Does it mean that the second tumor was there all along but didn’t show on mamm or ultrasound and didn’t respond to treatment, or that it has developed while I was having chemo. Is either worse? Does it mean that my cancer is resistant to chemo so if there are stray cells around that they won’t have responded either?

I’m not in a panic or anything. Just confused and feeling stupid that I didn’t ask.

Hi Jacqui

Unfortunately the helpline isn’t open today for you to call, but if you’d like to give them a call tomorrow between 9am - 5pm I’m sure someone on the helpline will be able to answer some of your questions, if the forum users can’t assist.

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Hi jacqui

There was a really good response to a question a bit like this on a thread called some reassurance please made by 1 dayatatime. The original post is by rach. It might be useful. I think it is still on page 2. Will bump it. Debx

Jacqui - so sorry that you are going through this worry… Did the onc say if the new tumour was dead or dying cells? Sometimes when we have chemo first the cancer cells die - but still stay there as dead tissue if you know what i mean? I would give your bcn a ring and ask her to go over the report with you. I had chemo first before the mastectomy and at my results meeting they said it had shrunk so well that all that was left was a 2.1cm x 2mm strand of dead and dying cells - but when I saw the actual report it mentions a larger area of dead cells in which they could only find this 2.1 x 2mm strand…

Theresa x