Pathology Results - good news!

Hi everyone. Just a quick update. I received my post surgery pathology results today. IDC was slightly bigger than they thought it was but clear margins and no lymph node involvement. ER positive so will need hormone therapy, and radiotherapy, but not chemo. It has been a bumpy road since surgery as have had a severe skin infection which 4 weeks on is still causing an issue but I am feeling a little bit better each day, and good pathology results has definitely helped my mood. I have had an amazing medical team and very thankful for all they have done.


Dear Paddington.

Well done to you for getting this far, and being so positive.

Also hopefully your infections will clear up very soon, and you will be available to move forward with your radiotherapy, wishing you well fingers crossed for a good outcome,

Biggest hugs my brave lady Tili :rainbow::pray::rainbow::pray:

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Hi @paddington1,

I’m so glad to hear that your pathology results have given you a much needed boost! Hoping that your skin infection starts behaving soon and that the rest of your treatment goes smoothly. Keep taking care of yourself and we’re always here if you need us :heart:

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Fab news xx

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