had op tuesday, wide local ecision and sentinal node removal , have to see doc next friday when pathology report is back. Not sure what pathology report is…i think its to say how big tumour was and if anymore nodes need removing…am i right.?..can someone enlighten me please xxx

Hi joloz1

I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Understanding your pathology report’ publication which should be of help to you:

Best wishes

Hello Joloz1

Your pathology report will include things like if they achieved clear margins following surgery, if they didnt unfortunately this normally means more surgery. Also if there was any evidence of cancer in the nodes they took, again I think this normally means an axillary clearance if they test positive. It will also include information on the hormone and HER2 status of your cancer, although I knew this previously from the biopsy results. Size and stage should also be confirmed.

All in all it gives your team all the information they need to discuss what further treatment they will be suggesting and why. When I went for results they didnt bombard me with information, they said they had achieved clear margins and there was no node or vascular involvement and left it to me to ask any more - although Im sure they all approach this differently. If you read the booklet suggested on the previous post and maybe go armed with a list of questions and someone with you that can take notes and be another set of ears.

I hope it all goes well and you get good news


Can I also ask a question (sorry to jump on your post Joloz1)

What actually happens at this 2nd consultation besides discussing results? Do we have anymore tests etc. The reason i ask…my boob is pretty sensitive at the moment following on from my WLE 11 days ago, if i bounce or knock my boob it is quite painful. I couldnt possibly imagine having to have another mammogram…I think id pass out from the pain!!

Don’t worry Libralady - no more mammos for months!

No Mammogram, honest!

I saw the surgeon, well a member if his team, who just checked for healing, he did an ultrasound scan and had a feel (lol), I had an infection and was still really sore so was worried, but it was fine. Then I saw the oncologist to discuss further treatment, who didnt do a physical exam, the nurse did warn me that he may want a look as that would have meant the dressings coming off again which would not have been fun.

So hopefully you will be all ok, if they indicate they are going to do something that sounds like it will hurt tell them that you are still sore and take it from there.

Later on when I needed further tests I just asked what they were doing and whether it would hurt as I was already sore, I got an infection which hopefully wont happen to you, Im diabetic and this was always a risk for me



oh thanks ladies - ooooh the thought of them squeezing my battered and bruised boob into a sandwich right now fills me with dread so im glad I wont have to endure another mammogram at the moment.

Just driving around with my hubby over the last couple of days has been hair raising experience if we hit a pothole - I turned the air blue on a couple of occasions I kid you not.