PCOS and Tamoxifen

Anyone on here having PCOS and taking Tamoxifen?
I’m interested in hearing about it, I’m due to take it after rads, in about 5 weeks, dreading it as I had loads of SEs on Chemo and because I’m worried about moods on it etc.

But I was thinking that because of lack of Oestrogens anyway, that perhaps I won’t get the horrible mood swings that others have been experiencing on Tamoxifen.

The only time I ever got moods were on Clomid, the fertility drug that stimulates the ovaries, then I was *horrible* and felt angry for no reason ALL THE TIME.

I’m just interested to hear from others with PCOS. I’m hoping that it won’t make much of a difference to who I am. I know when I was on Clomid I felt like i wasn’t me and I was horrible, angry, tired and felt like fighting with everyone.

Hi. Please don’t worry about possible side effects of tamoxifen. Sites like this are great for advice & support, but…the side effects which other ladies are suffering from are their experience. You probably will not have any side effects at all. I started tamoxifen in June, and apart from a few hot-flushes daily I don’t notice any difference to my body. Tamoxifen is one of the gold standard hormone therapy drugs, it is very good at doing it’s job so…think positive! X

Do you have PCOS?

I know that people don’t tend to come on sites to say how they feel fine, so you do have to take that on board :wink:

I’m hoping I won’t have any SEs but I know that any playing with my hormones in the past has not been pretty. I hope I’m one of the lucky ones.

Might assist in getting more replies if you explained what the acronym PCOS stands for.

Hi El Katrano - do not have poly-cystic ovary syndrome (spelling?) but have been taking tamoxifen for 18 months. I agree with Horsie5050- you need to take it and see what se’s you personally may experience. I feel lucky that I have not experienced the mood swings that some ladies are having. Did not read se’s before taking it as thought it would scare me and perhaps convince me I had them. Have had some minor se’s but these seem to be resolving as the months pass. Knee pain I was putting down to tam has turned out to be arthritis which is rapidly advancing to a knee replacement!! Sorry tamoxifen. Good luck . Marli

I have PCOS and have just reached 1 month on tam.
Nothing significant to report so far - hot flushes different to those previously - but nothing terrible so far!

Ummm, I was thinking and hoping I may not get any SEs that are mood related because I have very little natural hormones going on anyway - so that was “positive” of me…

I would have thought anyone with Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome would know what PCOS is :wink:

Glad to hear that those who do haven’t had any bad SEs! I’m hoping that’s the case for me, it’s OK to deal with temporarily, but thinking of 5 years of it is very off-putting. xxx

Hiya I also have PCOS and was trying for my first baby when I found out I had breast cancer. Just wondering if anyone could offer any advice or support as am a bit worried I won’t be able to have children now( have to go on tamoxifen for 5 years before we try again)

Hi - Not every one with PCOS has problems conceiving BTW, depends on how bad it is. Victoria Beckham has PCOS, 4 kids.
My best mate has 3 kids and has periods only about 3/4 times a year, caught on very quickly all times.

SPeak to your BCN about it and preserving your fertility xxx

I have PCOS and am awaiting my treatment plan but expect tam. I will keep my eye on this thread as I too would expect that due to my natural low level of oestrogen that the se will be minimal.
All the best

Hi Small1

Thats my idea too :smiley: However, I had my last chemo on 2nd August, and I’ve been having hot flushes and probs sleeping at night as keep waking up boiling hot, then throw covers off, freezing cold etc etc.

Get sweats in day but don’t actually seem to get sweaty at night, just boiling boiling hot.


Just thought i would post on here what i was told today by a fertility specialist at Seacroft Hospital in Leeds (think she has a special interest in PCOS) she said that tamoxifen has no effect on PCOS, so my hope that when i come off it it might have got rid of it was just wishful thinking!! however, she did also say that women with PCOS that have chemo tend to find that thier fertility isn’t as affected as someone that doesn’t have it.
Just thought this might be of interest to anyone with PCOS.