Peculiar radiotherapy tiredness?

Hi all, this is my first post on here! I started radiotherapy last week and have had 8 sessions so far, but for the last day or two I’ve been feeling quite peculiar, tired but like my head is a bit spinny/heavy feeling. It’s a new sensation, and not very pleasant! I am thinking it’s possibly a radiotherapy side effect but I can’t find anything anywhere describing what I’m feeling, and I know everyone experiences radiotherapy differently. I also started taking tamoxifen about 3 weeks ago so could be that too? I thankfully don’t need chemo (lumpectomy removed it all with clear margins, phew). Just wondering if this sounded familiar to anyone else? X

Lizzie please do speak to you team and let them know all that you have posted here They have seen it all before and will know what to do to help and be able to explain why you are feeling like you are Everyone cope with treatments differently it’s never a one size fits all side effects As you know from your post, do remember to keep well hydrated, lots of water helped me against fatigue during rads but still lots of us were sleeping more as we had more rads. Please also use the number on here, the nurses will be supportive and knowledgeable too and will help :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

May be a bit late as you posted this a while ago, but I found radiotherapy exhausting too (the daily 80 mile round trip didn’t help!)

When I mentioned this to my GP she explained that radiotherapy can cause anaemia, especially likely if it comes after 1 or more ops. She arranged a blood test and it showed that I was anaemic. She put me on a high dose of iron tablets and they made a big difference within a few weeks.