Pee time !!

Hi ladies,


hope you dont mind me mentioning this but with the amount of fluids we are drinking everyday,

have you noticed that once you need a pee its a kinda rush to the loo ?   

Think my pelvic floor muscles are getting weak ??


hope everyones weekend is going as well as can be expected xx ??

Hi mini mad,


drives me mad ! Far too much info but when I want to go I have to dash and once I can see the toilet I can hardly control it. Nearly wet myself at work the other day when I fumbled with the button on my trousers ??? 


This wasn’t an issue before and I honestly don’t understand how breast surgery affects your pelvic floor so I guess it’s the Tamoxifen. I’m doing pelvic floor exercises but it’s making no difference. I’m sure work think I’m mad as I’m constantly nipping to the loo to make sure I don’t get to the point when I need it.


Breast Cancer really is the gift that keeps on giving ! At least I’ll be a contender for the 100m in the next olympics at this rate x


take care and stay strong xx Melanie