Pelvic mets

Hi everyone.

I’ve posted on here whilst waiting for bone and ct scans.  Confirmed pelvic mets yesterday! Would like to speak to anyone who has had this diagnosis?

I’m 38, not really in pain at the min and treatment of some tablets and injections start the week after next.

Any advice appreciated 

Aimee x

Hey Aimee,

Sorry you’ve had no replies so far, replying to bump your thread back up for you :slightly_smiling_face: (Sorry, can’t help with the Pelvic mets query as have no experience)

I was told I had bone mets in my hips, ribs and sacrum.

I have CT scans every three months and bone scan every year.

All stable atm, not much pain.

I take ribociclib, anastrozole and denosumab.

I get tired but the mets don’t really give me any problems.

The meds are doing their stuff, cancer is stable and has been for the whole time.

I’ve had a couple of changed of meds but doing ok.

Hope it goes well for you.


Hi Aimee

I have bone mets, spine, sternum pelvis and left femur. I’ve been on palbociclib letrozole and denosumab since diagnosis 24 months ago and am doing well on this combination of meds. Working full-time and living life normally in and around the appointments. Hope this helps 

Jools xx 

Hi I’m same lung,  liver , breast , and bone mets my treatment is ribocyclibib , monthly injection densnsuab , daily hormone tablet and monthly injection zoladex to stop ovaries , all good meds Keeping it at vat 2 years now. X