Pelvic MRI

Can anyone tell me if you lay face down or up in the horrid machine for a pelvic MRI? I had the most horrendous time with the boob one, laying face down. I can’t face doing it again, although I’ve been prescribed some happy pills to take this time, might take the lot…


Hi Lezignac,

Whenever I have had MRI scans - some for different areas of spine, and for hips & pelvis they have always been on my back. Hope the happy pills work for you - I usually just take some painkillers cos I come out with a bad headache for the rest of the day!


When I had my MRI on pelvis I was on my back also, and not fully into the scanner. I went in as far as my boobs, sorry boob, feet first.

Takd care and good luck

Thanks, I hope it’s on my back this time, the last time being forced into holes face down was so horrid. My appt has just come through, it’s on Friday…! have to take a laxative 2 hours before - squirt it you know where…and have my happy pills ready and ear plugs.


Good luck for Friday.

Thanks for your comments.

It went okay once the “cleaner” managed to get the drip in - 4 x and then called a doctor…I’d taken some calmers and then they gave me something under my tongue, so once that was in and I put in the wax ear plugs, they gave me ear defenders and the noise wasn’t too bad, and I was on my back. I didn’t realise they had to squirt you in both orifices…!! and that was very unpleasant afterwards, like I’d wet myself, so couldn’t wait to get home.

I saw the Onc straight after and he showed me the PET, there is def. something on the left ovary, I’ve got an appt with the surgeon on Tuesday to talk about looking/taking it out.

Watch this space.

Karen x