I’m about to start adjuvant Pembro, and I’m wondering if anyone has had it yet and can tell me how they found it?

I had it with my chemo before surgery, but obviously hard to say what the side effects were because it was given with the other chemo drugs.  Feeling a bit apprehensive about how it’s going to make me feel.

Thanks x

Hi FayeL_,

Thank you for your post.

You may find it helpful to speak to one of our Breast Care Nurses on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.

Alternatively you can get in touch with our Nurses in the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum and they can respond to you online.

Best wishes

I am having it adjuvantly, but for metastatic TNBC. The regime I am on involves chemo, but it’s an odd schedule where some weeks I have Pembrolizumab on its own, some weeks NAB-Paclitaxel on its own, some both, and some with neither. I get a little bit of tiredness when I have pembro on its own, and I can’t tell the difference between the weeks with chemo only and the weeks with both as the chemo effects are much more noticeable. Good luck with it. 

Hi @FayeL, I hope your treatment is going well.
I’ve just been searching around for insights into adjuvant Pembro and found your post. I’m due to start next week.

Have you noticed any side effects? How often are you having your treatment?
I had the full on chemo and immuno for neoadjuvant, so like you have no idea what the effects of just the Pembro were.

Thank you xx