Periareolar mastectomy procedure

Hi all,


I am planning to undergo a periareolar mastectomy procedure to remove my breasts.

But I have heard that there are some limitations to keyhole procedure, like the position of the nipple cannot be altered by the operation. And there is no skin removed in this procedure.


The keyhole procedure has a higher risk of bleeding or fluid collection under the skin after the surgery. Sensation in the nipple may or may not be lost.

I have been told that the keyhole procedure has the great advantage of no long scar and is an excellent choice because I have small breasts and tight skin.


I would like to know if there is any downside to this procedure? And how soon can I recover?

Thanks in advance.

Hi flowerr

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Hi Flower,


I hope you are well and recovering well from your mastectomy?


Having just read my plastic surgeon’s report, he recommended the periareolar (using a small skin paddle) ?? for my unilateral mastectomy in November. I’m obviously wondering how you are doing now, 3 months or so post-op and how the actual procedure went?


I hope you are doing very well and look forward to hearing from you if you get this message.