perineural invasion/lymphovascular invasion

I had a lumpectomy and partial lymph biopsy a month ago to remove a grade 2 invasive lobular cancer. My glands were clear, but the histology showed both lymphovascular invasion and perineural invasion. I have been told that the latter, in particular, is rare. I am really worried about the histology as the scant information I have picked up online is terrifying. Any advise please? I wasn’t fast enough to ask the oncologist what these things meant/how they affected my prospects. I have decided not to have chemo but am already on tamoxifen (despite having polycystic ovaries) and will start radiotherapy as soon as possible.
thank you

I would imagine the radiotherapy will target this area, as it is an area right next to your breasts…can you make an appointment to speak to your Consultant or a BCN?
It is really difficult to use comparisons with anyone else as we are all individual and one tiny change can have a big impact on prognosis…
Did your oncologist recommend you to have chemo? Or are you very hormone positive in whcih case they make think it is not needed?

Hi Stoic65. Phone your BC Nurse. she will be able to access your details - or may even have been there when you were told? - or arrange a meeting with the oncologist again. Whatever, she will help explain the situation and put your mind at rest. That’s what they are there for, and they are marvellous! Good luck! x

I also recommend that you stick to Macmillan, BCC and Cancer Research UK for your online information as a lot of the stuff on the net is either out of date or just plain wrong! You can frighten yourself half to death! That was the best piece of advise I got from the lovely ladies on here so I’m passing it on!!

Hi Stoic

In addition to the support you have here I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Newly diagnosed’ web page where you will find resources relating to your queries, there is a publication you can download called ’ Understanding your pathology’ which you and your breast care nurse may be able to go through so that she can explain your diagnosis clearly.
Our helpliners are also on hand to offer you further support and information on 0808 800 6000, the lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Saturdays

Take care

Dear Stoic65 My breast cancer was invasive lobular with perineural invasion. My cancer had already spread to 15 of my lymph nodes when I personally put myself into the system at age 50. I consider myself four years misdiagnosed because my GPs said I had nothing to worry about and refused me further investigation when I consulted them at age 46, 48 and 49. My understanding of “perineural invasion” is that there was signs of attack in the perineural channel in which my breast cancer was found. Cancer takes the easiest route in which to travel and in my case it found the easiest route to take was the perineural channel. I would be interested to know what your medical team say about it.Wishing you well. Jeannie