Period after chemo

Hi ladies, does anyone know if I can expect my period to return, I finished chemo in March this year and was told that it could take years?

I was told the closer you are towards your natural menopause age the less likely it would be to return, I am 45 and the onc said it would probably come back, he didn’t give a timeframe. Six weeks past chemo now and I have not had a period but really am not expecting anything either.

I had my periods regular as clockwork all the way through chemo - even had a one way chat with my oncologist about it as he promised me they would stop (one of the bonus’ for chemo i thought). Anyway, they carried on as I said through chemo, rads as well as through the first 5 months of tamoxifen. I ended up having a hysterectomy due to some ‘we cant tell if its friend or foe’ cysts.
My oncologist said i was just one of those people where the body hasnt read the medical books lol. They will come back, sooner or later, your body has been through the mill and back again. Theyll pitch up again sooner or later x


My onc said mine may stop during chemo (am 38) but would prob come back. If they did come back I would probably have an early menopause in my 40’s. Dx

Just finished my Chemo. Period didn’t come after tax 2 but had come on time throughout fec. I start tamoxifen in a few weeks and my onc said if my periods return we will have a chat about it… If you aren’t on hormone treatment I understand that before age 35 they usually come back and then less likely the further from 35 and the closer to menopause you get. 2 girls I know got them back within a few months of finishing Chemo.

Hi everyone
I was the same as buttons I thought one of the positives of chemo would be no periods! I have always been very irregular and thought that I wouldnt have one. HOW WRONG I have had one with every chemo starting about 2 days post. Spoke to onc who said very unusual and that was it! I have had a cyst removed and suffer with endometriosis. I am concerned! Especially as about to start Tamoxifen!
The onc had said that after 40 ovaries are on shutdown mode so periods might or might not return! Im 39!

good question mine finished after 2nd session just had my last chemo 2day 8 session they havnt returned yet and hoping not im 44 not sure either way

Hi all

I too saw the positive in chemo when my onc said my periods would stop.But after my first chemo i had the period from hell, which resulted in a low blood count and a blood transfusion before second chemo. :frowning: But since then nothing - i too have my fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Hi All

I was 43 when I had chemo, six months later my periods returned, very irregular, but now 18 months down the line they are regular again.

So you never know they could come back.
xx Crystal

Thanks everyone I’ve been on Tamoxifen for 3 months and have heard stories about some women who never got their period back. I’m 33 and I am hoping to have kids sometime in the near future, getting married in 5 weeks!

i hope you are enjoying your wedding prep, and have a fabulous day


Hi Vickie,

Yes it’s great fun! having everyone making is fuss over me is great! x

Timely post as was just going to search for this topic :slight_smile:

Finished chemo end of Jan this year, period returned Monday - also saw this as a positive S/E, all those hot flushes for nothing!!! I’m 42 and was under the impression that I’d had an early menopause due to all the drugs :-/

Vickie - all the best for your wedding :slight_smile:

Hi, my last period was in January this year and my oestrodials showed then that I was post menopausal. However, my severe hot flushes ended suddenly, and I developed skin like a teenager! I’m covered in spots around my chin and nose. Then I had a little bleed. I had another menopause test and it showed I’m perimenopausal again! Ahhhh!! All those months of hot flushes for nothing! I’m taking letrozole and want to stay on it so the only option is to have my ovaries removed. I’m 41 with 2 children xxxx

Just wanted to add… I am 36 and finshed chemo in December. I had a contraceptive implant in all the way through my treatment and when it was removed in January my periods came back straight away. I am hoping it’s a good sign but noone will really say either way !! Hope this helps xx

I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 45 and had my last period 2 weeks before I started chemo, Nov 2006. I’m now 49 and have had it confirmed twice that I’m post menopausal - had 2 slight bleeds last year which were checked put by a Consultant (had an internal ultrasound etc). I’ve since had one very slight bleed a few months ago. They told me that from time to time the ovaries can try to fire up again, hence the slight bleed. Aside of the lack of libido, I’m quite happy not having periods tbh as they had become heavy and exhausting. Prior to diagnosis, they were either every fortnight or every 6 weeks and I was on low dose progesterone to regulate them.