Period type pain

Has anyone else experienced period type pain in their abdomen?

I am not currently having any treatment (had Lumpectomy, awaiting MX and dx beginning of August) and for the last 4-5 days have been experiencing period type pain on both sides of my abdomen. I’m pre-menopausal and still having regular periods. I also have lower back pain but I have had this on and off for 20 years or more but obviously now I can’t help thinking it’s something more sinister!

I don’t want to be a hypercondriac and rush straight to my doctors but every little ache and pain has me worrying? I think with Secondary awareness everywhere as well that only adds to my worries.

Any advice anyone?


I would just go and get a urine sample bottle and get them to test it.It sounds like it could be a water infection.At least then if it is not that you can then make an appointment with the doctor knowing you have ruled that out…Hope you start to feel better soon.It is such a worry isn’t it.Don’t think that feeling or worry will ever go away…Gillx

Hi Ali
I’d get it checked out if it continues and concerns you.
But thought I’d mention as well that I’ve had abdominal pains sometimes after my ops, and when I had a procedure a few months ago under a local I realised that the surgeons can do a lot of leaning on that part of the body when working on the breast.
Hope its sorted soon.

I had lumpectomy for 2 small IDC lumps, clear nodes, clear margins and apparently NO VASCULAR spread.

Rads 3 weeks, then started Tamo, takes 2 months to get into the system, and yes I had pains like labour pains, and boy was it bad, but only beginning of Tamo.