Periods and trying to conceive after zoladex/letrozole

So my onco gave me the green light to stop meds zoladex/letrozole. (Was on for 3.5 years) and try for a baby last may. removed iud in august and had a chemical pregnancy in december. Periods have been extremely irregular ever since and no idea where to go from here. OB says to give it more time but i didnt freeze embryos (was at the height of covid and was too stressful) how long did it take for period to become normal or at what point should i start thinking about real fertility intervention? Was given 2 years to try before i need to go back on meds.

Hi @tg94, I hope you are doing well, and that you’re finding the forum to be a useful space for you.
I found this page about planning pregnancy after a diagnosis that may be useful for you.

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