Periods or not on Tamoxifen??

I had a mastectomy & reconstruction in September last year. I was fortunate enough not to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy, started taking Tamoxifen in October.


First 2 months periods were as normal timing wise but only lasted 3 days rather 5 - bonus!! Then I had one 10 days late, then a couple on time then one 18 days late then nothing. It’s been 9 weeks since the last one. Not that I miss it (annoying having to carry stuff round just in case!) but I do get stomach cramps & think here we go but nothing. I don’t have hot flushes (fortunately!) I’m 47 - is this likely to be menopause starting? Tamoxifen? Or just my body being weird? I’ve had fairly regular periods since I was 12, cycles got slightly shorter after each pregnancy.


I had slightly achy joints & v dry eyes when I first started taking Tamoxifen but I’m feeling fine on them, just wondering anyone else has the same?

Hi Tigerfeet,
I’m so glad you are asking this because I really don’t know what to think, I’m same age as you, I have been on tamoxifen now for about 5yrs, had chemo, was having periods but stopped I think on the 5th cycle of chemo, I got told chemo could stop your periods completely or they can return, I was put on tamoxifen, was getting the stomach cramps, feeling a little bloated, have put on over a stone. My periods actually stopped for 3 years, but at the beginning the flushes were awful, was having to change a few times during the night, I then decided to try a chillow pillow which did help a little, but throughout day was finding it difficult coping, heard about the lady care magnet, tried that, was great, but then hot flushes started becoming less, then all of a sudden periods returned for a few months and has again stopped, I was trying to keep note of it all and your right it is a bit annoying having to carry pads about all the time, mines to lasts about 3 days, the last one there was a bit longer. I was thinking that I may have been going through the menopause when they actually stopped, but don’t think so now! Can I ask you are you on tamoxifen for 10 years? I still have another 5 years to go. I’m now a bit more tired too but suppose that’s natural! I also find sticking with the same brand helps, I make sure I get the teva brand, there are less side effects I find on them.