periods re start after chemo??

Hi, just interested in other ladies experinces of periods returning after chemo.

My chemo finished in may 08 then had rads etc etc, i had one period about 2 weeks ago and now have come on again , quite heavy and painful, stomach cramps and backache. I am 42 now, 43 this year and was hoping that my periods would not return!!

Oncologist said the closer you are to the meopause it was unlikely that they would return.

What other experiences have you had??
Take care all
Sarah 66

mine have stopped on the third dose of cemo I am your age I do not know if they will return but can do without them right now

Hi Sarah
I finished chemo Jan 08 and periods started again at end of radiotherapy mid Feb 08. I’m 50 this year and was told my periods would not return. Not true, after a few months of quite Heavy bleeding have settled down to my old pattern of every 3 to 4 weeks and still going strong.

I am 42 and my periods have returned after a 5 month break. I had chemo April - July and had my last one June, they returned in November but have been quite long and heavy. My gp has prescribed tranexamic acid which does stop them. As I am triple negative it is ok for me to try the mini pill or morena coil if they don’t settle down. I am glad they have returned as there is no need to worry about osteoporosis etc…