I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1994 (I was 49). Started on a course of Tamoxifen for 5 years and finished in 1999. After 18 months I am having a period. When I was told to stop taking tamoxifen (20 months ago) I asked if my periods would return and she said they shouldn’t. I am now 56 and they have, is this normal?

Hi Julie,

I can’t help but thought I’d bump your post as it appears to have slipped.

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Hi julieinspain,I’m a bit confused by your post (don’t take alot to confuse me these days lol) you say you finished tamoxifen in 1999 then you say you were told 20 months ago to stop taking it.Maybe best to get the bleeding checked out just to be on the safe side.I’ve been on tamoxifen for nearly 3 years I’m 49 and am a bit concerned that when I finish tamoxifen in 2 years my periods will return and I will have to go through natural menopause. don’t know if this happens but hope not I think it would drive me mental.

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Sorry about the dates below they should have read 2004 to 2009. Not 1994 to 1999

Hi Ladies, I’m due to start Tamoxifen in a couple of months. Have radiotherapy to get through first. I haven’t done any reading on it yet, about side effects or effects to periods. Facing one thing at a time, if you know what I mean. Does it usually stop periods then. I have a marina coil, which I’m not too happy to keep, so this could solve my problems if my periods will stop. Don’t need it for birth control, just very heavy painful periods.
Any input welcome! Hope your check turns out okay, always best to check these things, for peace of mind, if nothing else. Karen x

Hi Karen, I was in same boat as you 2 years ago, had to have my lovely mirena coil taken out having been period free for 5 years. My periods came back within the month and have been more or less regular with a couple of blips . Periods a bit heavy but not as bad as before the coil. As for side effects, am sure you will hear lots of horror stories about how bad they can be but I’m the flip of that as I have no side effects from the tamoxifen at all. Im on wockhart brand and take it at night with 500mg of evening primrose oil.It affects everyone differently,fingers crossed for you that you don’t get too many side effects,good luck.

Sandra x

I am really dreading having my Mirena removed tomorrow as also using it for heavy bleeding, it is so depressing as had it removed as GP needed to see if it was causing problem with depression meds about 3 years ago, started bleeding soooo heavily again straight away so had another inserted and changed the depression meds instead!
My IDC was pr and er 8/8 and have been told must be removed. Have had no bleeding for nearly 5 years and only occasional light spotting and it’s been wonderful…

I had my mirena coil removed about 6 weeks or so ago. Have had several and hadn’t had a period for13 years. Was dreading it but so far haven’t had a period. Don’t know whether they’ll come back.
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I had my Mirena coil removed mid Jan just before I started Chemo. But I had such heavy periods prior to the coil that when I had it in I ended up having tiny periods but every day! was glad to get it out. Had my first mega period about 3 days ago, it was so heavy I couldn´t leave the house without a nappy! but it only lasted about 12 hours. I have to go on tamoxifen after my herceptin. I hope it does stop them, I haven´t got as far a looking at the side effects yet… But I would rather have 12 hours of heavy bleeding than a month of light, and I didn´t like the thought of it releasing progesterone into my body and feeding my lump!!