Dear All

Me again, I seem to be constantly asking questions. I have had regular periods in the 3rd week after chemo, but this one has now lasted a week and a half. I’m thinking it’s the beginning of the end with them. I’m 47 and have had 3 x FEC so far. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia,

Hope you’re doing OK today. I’ve had one period so far since starting chemo, I’m due to have my third FEC a week today.It did last a bit longer than usual, it was also a bit heavier, the chemo nurse said this was normal. As to whether this will be your last one or not I have no idea I’m afraid, everyone’s individual and I don’t think there’s any way of telling.

All the best


Thanks, I’m doing OK.

I’ll ask the nurse next time I go in. It’s very very heavy too, still after a week and a half, although it practically stopped for 2 days in the middle.

Cecelia. x


I am 35 and started chemo (E-CMF) in May. My periods continued throughout the Epi but seem to have stopped now that I am on the CMF. I had been told this may happen but I think I’m gonna mention it to the staff at the chemo centre when I go tomorrow. Just really hoping its the chemo and I’m not pregnant! (Well, would love to be pregnant normally but not now). We’ve been careful but you never know… Sorry, prob too much info there, just thinking aloud!!!


Haven’t had a period since starting Chemo so I figure that theyhave disappeard for a bit…will have to wait and see if they come back.

Should have said I am 38.


I had 3 EC and had my periods, then changed to 4 x Taxotere. Had a period for two taxotere, the 2nd one was a 10 day period then ive had nothing since. Im only 37.

Julie x x

My periods continued throughout the epi but stopped after the first round of CMF - I was always regular before that.
I’ve told my boss that I believe I have been misdiagnosed and I’m now looking for some maternity leave - it makes sense…heartburn, naseau, weight gain, periods stopped - what do you think???


mine have disapeared after the first chemo and hopeully they wont return, is been like going through the menopause with the sweats etc I don’t think I could stand that twice…


I had regular periods through FEC. Just started taxotere so not sure if they will continue or not. Hope so - i am only 35



(my little guinea pig!!). I’m sooo glad you said that, as you know I am one cycle of CMF behind you so its reassuring to know that your periods also stopped when you switched over. I am praying mine will return as we don’t have children yet, and at 35 I’m not quite ready for the menopause!

Reckon we should all go down the maternity leave route!! LOL

Take care and hope all goes well tomorrow,


I had periods throughout epi 2 in one month and heavy altough not lasting any longer than normal. Have just started xeloda tablets so will wait and see if they continue.


Thanks everyone. I think it might be it for me as I am 47 now. But I didn’t think I really minded, I don’t have kids and I had already made my peace with that. I’m a young 47, most people think I’m early 40s at the most, it’s just when something’s no longer possible it opens up all kinds of other emotions.

Ah well, just want to be better now… weird how this thing gets you, the hair loss was awful and this now again is awful.

So much to deal with!

Cecelia. x

Yes Cecelia I totally understand that, the choice has been taken away from you. I’m going to be taking Zoladex to protect my ovaries so that if I don’t go into an early menopause we might have the chance to try for another baby but I’m 41 now and I’ll be 44 when my treatment’s finished so time is really marching on for us. It’s so difficult isn’t it? it’s not just coping with the cancer and all the fear and worry that goes with, it’s the disruption the treatment causes to the whole of your life and yes all the emotions it opens up as you say.

Anyway onwards and upwards as they say.

Take care


I am sooooo jealous…my periods didnt stop at all during chemo (e-cmf)…one up side of chemo…and i didnt get it lol.
Im about to start rads next week…and am on the tamoxifen…there is a ‘book’ running over wether or not my periods will stop but ho hum.
Ive got my second 3 month check on monday and am ready to bombard my consultant with shed loads of questions…i pity the poor bloke