I hadn’t had a period since the start of my chemo…which was in June and this week I have one…WHY??? I thought they had left forever grrrrrr… when I asked my chemo nurse last week if I would get them back she said probably not…and now this…did I jinx myself?

Hi Babyboo, Unlike so many ladies on here you, like me are hoping to end them with chemo.
I think that when women menopause, they get the odd scattered one before it ends for good.
You dont say how old you are, but if you are 40+, you are more likely to lose them altogether.
Personally I would buy a 16 pack of lillets, not the large value pack!!!. They won’t be back for good. I’m sure of it. It’s just your body’s attempt at doing what was normal.

Good luck
Jules x

I am 38 and was told I was on the boarder…had hoped now that was it…grrr…hey ho mayve the hormone treatment after the chemo will see them off!

Yeah Definately. Tamoxifen should finish 'em off even if chemo doesn’t!!

Not sure what the drug is here…will have to wait and see!


Oh dear I had my last one in June and thought that was it! Looks like they could still come back though! Mind you, Im 44 so I think its less likely, was also told a couple of years ago I was in peri-menopause (still not exactly sure what this is or whether it exists - some kind of pre-menopausal thing going on I think!) Very heavy periods, erratic etc.

So, wont buy the Lilets yet! I hate sanitary towels anyway, much prefer Tampax! Such a horrible thing to have to wear towels whilst having chemo and periods!

Take care

Pauline x

I know exactly how you feel about the pads… I hope it is a one off just because they missed me but as far as I am concerned they can go away now! Just think of the money I would save if I didn’t have them…LOL

Hi Babyboo

My periods have continued during my chemo and I’m 47! They appear on days 10-14 after the chemo when I feel my lowest, and the last one lasted 2 weeks.

Nothing as yet though on day 11 after my 4th chemo so I’m hoping that’s the end of it but I feel really peemy, sore boobs, swollen stomach etc.

Here’s hoping they’re going away for me now.

Cecelia. x

Hi Babyboo,

I’m on my 6th cycle (today) and had really wierd periods for the first 3 - 4 cycles, no pattern at all to what was happening. When I complained to my onc about them she said ‘yes, but that’s what happens when you go into menopause, which is what the chemo is doing’. I haven’t had a period now for about 6 weeks, so hopefully that’s it!


Hi Babyboo

Well only had 2 FEC so far, 3rd one in 2 weeks, and so far still had my periods as normal, although am still taking the pill too. Maybe that is helping not sure. Wouldn’t mind em disappearing though …

Take care

Started chemo in April - had last period in June - i thought they were now gone for good (age 50 and periods normal before dx) I hope mine don’t reappear - this was the one good thing to come out of chemo!!!