hi, just wondered how long before your periods stop, was on tamoxifen for 50 days, and am into my second week of Zoladex, (i did not have chemo/rads) my periods don’t seem to be slowing down, anyone else experienced the same?


Hi Alison

My periods stopped more or less straight away, I was diagnosed on the 26th January 06 and they started me on Tamoxafin there and then I had one slight period from that date. I had to stop taking it a few days before my op and a few days after the op I had a period but once I started taking the tamoxafin again I had no more.

Unfortunately I have just started to have a period which everyone seems to be confused by I am now waiting to be referred back to the gynecologist.

Take care

Paula x

Well i did tell my onc, that even at 45 years old, i am no where near menopausal!!! hoping this will stop, should have started yesterday, got all the pmt stuff, then started today, so just one day out for the first time in ten years!! does it mean we are still producing quite a lot of oestrogen?



Mine stopped overnight with chemo but cleary we still produce the devil - oestrogen, hence taking tamoxifen. I was on it for 6 months and then had my ovaries removed but there is still oestrogen in the body because of the way (and where) the ovaries form so I am now on Arimidex which is an aromatose inhibitor. Despite no ovaries I could develop ovarian cancer but only a 0.01% chance so less than most people.

When I visited the Breast Cancer Haven we were told that oestrogen is also in our water supply and recommended we all get water filters - not the Brita type, something more sophisticated to remove oestrogen (women on the pill flushing the loo!) and all the rest of the crap that goes into the water supply. There’s also bottled water, so many carry it as a fashion accessory these days - always buy glass bottles as the water doesn’t react whereas it does with plastic and plastic is full of nasties. Heard of Evian water? Spelled backwards - naive.

Anyway, oestrogens are to be avoided (if your cancer is oestrogen pos) but even plants have them so those of us not allowed HRT have to be on the lookout even with herbal remedies for the hot flushes e.g. Red Clover, Black Cohosh forbidden fruit!

Gets to the point where you think dare I eat/drink/breathe!!!

Hi Dahlia, i am oestrogen positive, just thought these drugs we have to take stopped the little buggers



I believe there’s a certain amount of naturally produced oestrogen in the body even with the ovaries gone. I was high risk for ovarian cancer (65%) so having them out was a no brainer and quick/easy plus it reduces breast cancer risk although I did not know that until after diagnosis and also until I’d spoken with a cancer genetics doctor.

Seems the little buggers won’t ever disappear altogether especially when they’re coming at us through the water supply! Can’t win can we?

Off to put the chicken in the oven - roast dinner is a treat these days!

Take care

Hi Alison,
I’m on tamoxifen and have been since march (I had rads only, after surgery). I’ve had very few side effects - a few hot flushes (bearable) and an increase in vaginal discharge which I had been warned about - nice! Up until March I had a mirena coil which onc advised to have removed, with this I had virtually no periods. I had it removed and after being on tamoxifen for about a month the periods came back with a vengence! They are now very heavy and very regular(28 / 29 days)! I mentioned to consultant at 3 month check in Aug and he said if it was bothering me he may refer me to gynae at next appointment in Nov, but some women on tamoxifen totally stop periods, others carry on and others are intermittent with them I think it also says this on the tablet information leaflet. No periods would have been a plus but not happening in my case! Hope this helps and hope they stop soon - I’m still hoping)
Shorty 2xxx

Ps I’m 45 also

Mine never stopped with chemo…and still havent stopped with tamoxifen…i swear its a cunning plan…so much for the plus sides of treatment lol.

I am not totally 100% sure of my facts here but I was led to believe that your periods will return if there is oestrogen in your system. Zoladex SHOULD stop your periods, I had no more PMS symptoms, no more periods or anything for the whole 2 years of Zoladex. Only after stopping the Zoladex and on tamoxifen only did I have horrendous side effects. If our cancer is E+ then we must do everything we can to stop this. On the other side of the coin, I have been told that we should have a little oestrogen for the wellbeing of our bodies, not just bone strength but to stop muscles/joint problems and also of digestive breakdown. A lot of people suffer with dyspepsia/heartburn etc whilst on this medication because of the lack of oestrogen. Whatever route we all decide on there are always side effects. Just not fair is it girls!!

Love you all (having a very emotional day by the way)

ALISON: a lot of what you say I can relate to, also my favourite word at the mo is “little buggers” and tend to say at the most inappropriate moment, have surely raised a few eyebrows I fear.

Hi, just been told that due to having the Zoladex mid cycle, then its natural for the period to start to get rid of the build up, i feel a lot better knowing that now, what a shame my bc nurse or onc didn’t tell me!!!

I too have been very weepy since friday, pmt i think, so hoping that will pass now.

lots of love


I had my first Zoladex injection mid-cycle and the nurse who gave it to me told me I’d probably have another period, which I did. I’m due my next injection this coming Thursday so hoping no more periods for a while!! (That’s got to be a big plus cos the side-effects are awful!!)

Jacki xx