Hello there all BC peeps, I had my first chemo EC week last thursday does any one know if I will be having a period while undergoing my treatment.

Hi Chantzy1,

Thank you for your message. Sorry to see no one’s replied to this yet - I’m sure someone will be along to pick up the conversation soon. In the meantime, you could chat with our specialist breast cancer nurses, who can advise about periods and chemotherapy. You can reach them on 0808 800 6000

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 my name is Tara. I have had 3 cycles of fec and are about to have my 2nd Docetaxel in a moment. As of yet I have not had a period, however I was o the contraceptive injection until May, have been for 7 years since having my youngest and have not seen a period. When I came if the injection to conceive my youngest it took 6 months for me to have a period so I will expect it in the next couple of months unless the chemo had put me through the change.

 I have read on here that others have had periods that are on similar treatments and go on to have them after treatment. I think it just depends on the person. Sorry not much help but just remain vigilant and always have products available.

 Hope you treatment goes well.

 Love :two_hearts: Tara xx