Peripheral Neuropathy after Paclitaxel

Hi, I am new to this forum.

I finished 17 doses of paclitaxel about 4 /5 weeks ago and instead of getting better I seem to be becoming disabled due to peripheral neuropathy. I can hardly walk and sometimes fall over because my legs are weak. I am also on various drugs for pain as I also seem to be suffering from sciatic type pain. I have an upcoming appt with the physio team at my cancer centre but nothing prepared me for this. I am really down about it as before the chemo I led a normal life and had loads of energy. I wondered if anyone else has been through this… It brings me to tears every day as I try to put my socks on and can hardly manage it!

Hi Annabella , I’m so sorry you didn’t get a response to your post .I have really bad neuropathy too caused by another condition . The pain is really intense and the numbness really affects my ability to walk and drive . I’m building up Gabapentin dose and hoping it will eventually help me. I hope you have now got some relief x