Peripheral Neuropathy & Diabeties

Is there a connection between Peripheral Neuropathy & Diabeties ? 
Been told I may get diabeties due to neuropathy in feet.

I’m now worried sick about this happening, anyone know if this is true please.

Hi @MoDo  - I’m afraid I can’t help with your question, but you could call the lovely nurses to discuss the question with them? I really hope someone can give you some reassurance. Evie xx

Hi Modo , Chemo induced peripheral neuropathy and diabetes induced peripheral neuropathy are completely different I was told by my team.  I have in both my hands and feet.  Speak to your team.

take good care 

Hi MoDo

I think you’ve been told things backwards. Peripheral neuropathy is a symptom, not a cause of diabetes. Just as you can get PN caused by some chemos (paclitaxel was my agent of evil!), you can develop PN if you have diabetes. I agree with Evie - a phone call to the number above would soon put your mind at rest. It’s a brilliant service I’ve used several times. Neuropathy is, I think, a separate thing. Certainly it’s always discussed separately with me. That can occur anywhere - mine’s in my remaining breast muscle and I need to take medication for it. It does make PN a bit more painful if you have neuropathy as well. Well, that’s my understanding.

I hope you get it sorted and, if we’re wrong, put us right. All the best xx