Peripheral Neuropathy while on Abraxane(paclitaxel)

I have been on this drug every 3 weeks since February 2021.  Since April I have developed ‘cold’ peripheral neuropathy in my feet.  To me my feet are freezing but are normal to touch.  This has disrupted sleep, sitting & lead to difficulty in walking.  The drug is working well & either stabilising tumours & in some cases shrinking some.  
 Has anyone out there any suggestions on how to cope with my cold feet?  I’ve tried TEN’s machine, hot pads at night & have had to resort to sleeping tabs, thick socks.  Only some relief if I keep walking.  Drugs - GABAPENTIN up to 1800mg per day. No effect on cold feet.  Analgesics make no impact.  
The dilemma- Stop treatment or find a way to live with peripheral neuropathy which may get better if drug stopped or may remain as it is.

Hi dorsetpippa,

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I am sorry you haven’t had any response yet. I am hoping my response will help our members to see it and share their experience and/or advice.

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