Peritoneum mets

Primary BC 2014 and diagnosed with peritoneum mets last week. Awaiting treatment plan. Suffering with Ascites and having 9 litres drained every 3 weeks. Anyone had similar. Does the Ascites stop when treatment starts? 

Hi Mrswills

So sorry for you having to join us here.  I have never heard of peritoneum Mets and see you have not heard back from anyone in the same boat.  Just want you to know I am sure you will soon here from someone and once you have a treatment plan you can come to terms with the big C and put your life plan in place and enjoy your time living.  I have bone mets DX October 17 and after the initial shock and disappointment soon decided I need to get on with living and now enjoying my time.  Thinking of you and wishing you all the best.  I hope you have family and friends to give you lots of support.  xx


There’s a fairly recent thread in the Treatments and Medical Issues part of the Secondary BC part of the forum called something like HIPEC treatment for peritoneal mets. MYbe have a look at that and post your own message on that thread. It may get picked up by someone like Jacksy who has posted on there, and started the thread,  Peritoneal mets aren’t that common as a secondary BC site therefore not many ladies have experience of the treaments which is probably why you have not had any specific advice or support. I find I tend to reply to threads where I have experience to pass on and have only just seen this one of yours. Having read it I realised there is another thread that I did reply on which is the one I’ve mentioned on here.

Nicky x

Dear MrsWills

I hope you are doing ok and treatment has been helping you.

This week I too was Dx with secondary tumors in my peritoneal and trying to understand what this means for treatment. I am due to see my consultant next week and would be so grateful if you have any advice or knowledge that can help me.

thank you

all the best