on news today nhs are not going to fund perjeta !



Not good news, but since Perjeta is licenced only for use alongside Herceptin + chemo, I guess they’re looking at a cost / benefit argument versus the other two alone.

The mystery to me is why it was only licensed for use at start of herceptin + chemo. There don’t seem to be trials for effectiveness when introduced later or when herceptin has stopped working…

hi I’m on herceptin after having taxol with herceptin for liver secondaries ,funding wasnt available back in march but had to get going with treatment anyway.In the US it is used at any point in treatment not just as the first for secondaries x

Good to know that geordiex, thanks

Going for number 5 treatment on Tuesday and as I am presently being funded Pertuzumab alongside chemo and Herceptin I will be asking about the future of Pertuzamab.Will let you know what I find out.

I see my onc he was on the news about it as the nccc at the freeman newcastle are involved in the trisls he said the nhs are missing the point ,it will all be down to money ,I’m sure it won’t affect your treatment ,have you had any scans since starting at all x

Hi. Just seen onc today. He said that as long as the treatment is working I will stay on the Pertuzumab and Herceptin. I have my first scan after chemo in September. He also said that each authority will have to continue to apply for the drug as we have done through the national cancer fund. He wouldn’t commit to having this drug will be down to money. So although for now I will continue with this treatment I feel the future is a little unsure for those coming up behind me. x

I had to start on treatment because didn’t even have the forms to fill in to apply for funding :confused: maybe in the future it will be like the USA where by whatever stage in treatment you are it will be available ,good luck for Sept xx

Thanks geordiex. I agree I think the oncs seem to like this drug so the more they show that it works (fingers crossed) the likely it will become available to those that have already been recieving treatment, as in America. However what makes me a little uncertain about this is the fact that the oncs have to fight for it which means we have to wait to long for the drugs to become available. Im hoping it works on me and blasts the little bugger in the liver which will be good news for me and anyone that comes after me. Take care.xx